5 crazy things to try on your day off in Interlaken

Things to do in Interlaken Switzerland

Did you know that Pure Adventures has added a new 8 day self-guided cycling Switzerland vacation to our list of European cycling tours? The Geneva to Interlaken tour features a fabulous ride from glitzy Geneva around gorgeous Lake Geneva/Lac Leman to Lausanne and then through the green valleys between majestic peaks to Interlaken! Typical Swiss charm and ambiance throughout; you choose your travel dates! With a finish in Interlaken, you get the chance to arrive in one of the most picturesque alpine settings anywhere. The riding on this tour is moderate and accessible to lots of people and for those seeking a few extra challenges, they exist! We include a selection of typical Swiss style chalets and lodges and give you some excellent rides to make this journey the most enjoyable it can be! This bicycle tour of Switzerland has a relatively short season from May through October with the best months from June-September.

With Interlaken, Switzerland being your final destination on the Geneva to Interlaken self-guided cycling tour, we made sure to give you a full day off to explore this outdoor adventurer’s playground. Thrilling activities are too numerous to mention in just one blog post, so keep coming back to learn about all the fantastic ways to be active in the outdoors in Interlaken.

This week we take a look at 5 free-fall adventures in Interlaken. Do you have what it takes to try any of these?


Jumping out of a perfectly sound airplane from a height of up to 4600m. Parachutes are self-inflating.

Helicopter jumping

Similar to sky diving, but your adventure includes a helicopter flight to closer to Switzerland’s famous mountain peaks and jump heights tend to be lower than skydiving (if you consider 4000m to be low!). Tandem jumps are an option.

Hang gliding

No experience required to go hang gliding in Interlaken. A few running steps off of a tall building and away you go for your 25 minute adventure. Hang Gliding Interlaken offers customized flights depending on your preferences, boasts eco-friendly business practices and jump heights up to 2970m.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jump into glacier gorges or towards a pristine mountain lake from up to 150m – bungee jumping in Interlaken is perfect for thrill seekers. If free falling isn’t on your bucket list, but an adrenaline charged vacation is, try bungee jumping.

Canyon jumping

With the assurance to a zipline or rappelling harness tethering you to Interlaken’s mystical gorges and canyons, canyon jumping from heights up to 85m is the perfect adventure for travellers who want to keep their feet closer to the ground.

Be sure to visit our friends at Interlaken Tourism offices for recommendations on local outfitters as well as activity times, costs, etc. Or visit their site in advance: www.interlaken.ch

* Note that these are excursions not sold by Pure Adventures. Be sure to read all tour operator guidelines before booking your excursion, book only with reputable businesses and ensure that you are physically fit enough for the excursion you choose. This blog post provides an overview of the adventures available and is not an endorsement.

Featured image source: Interlaken Tourism