5 Things You’d Be Surprised To Learn About Croatia

By far, one of our most popular trips in 2015, Croatia never disappoints. The coastline is dotted with historical towns, cities, and villages, but the country is very narrow so visiting the islands is absolutely part of a visit. As with all of our tours you will be extremely active on this trip, traveling to islands by speedboat, passing through vineyards, and searching out the next great meal.

Maybe you’re reading this, and you’ve already joined us on one of our tours through Croatia – if so, thank you! If not, and you’re on the fence, we’d like to fill you in on 5 Things You’d Be Surprised To Learn About Croatia. After perusing our list, we’re confident you’ll be so impressed we’ll have you booked on our next tour! (or at least, a little more educated on the area)

Here they are in no particular order…drum roll please!

1) Croatia Invented The Necktie

However you may feel about the modern-day office noose, we have Croatia to thank for it, and it may very well be Croatia’s must successful export. After all, it used to be called the cravat, and where did the word cravat come from? Croat.

The origins of the necktie go all the way back to the 17th century, when Croatian mercenaries fought for the French in the Thirty Years’ War, bringing their distinctively knotted neckwear along with them.



2) It’s Home To “The World’s Most Beautiful Sunset”

…according to Alfred Hitchcock, anyway. But the man certainly had a sense of the cinematically magnificent, and Zadar is the city he claimed had the best.

During a visit in 1964, he filmed the sunset, and made it world famous. Though the city itself also has its fair share of attractions, there’s no doubt the sunset will capture the attention as well.



3) It’s The Home Of The World’s Smallest Town

Over in Croatia’s northwest, you’ll find the quiet town of Hum, a sleepy hamlet of cobblestone streets, and…that’s about it.

And although you wouldn’t expect such modesty to be in possession of a world record, Hum is officially the world’s smallest town, with a population that has varied between 17 and 23.

That’s quite a swell by percentages, though. Residents must have felt like there town was hitting the big time.

It certainly can’t be described as an “exciting” place to visit, but quiet serenity is always a good time.



 4) It’s The Home Of The World’s Biggest Truffle

And yes, it’s official. The record-holding truffle was discovered by Giancarlo Zigante, in 1999…or, more accurately, by his dog, Diana.

The nearly-football-sized truffle weighed in at 1.31 kg (2 lbs, 8 oz), and was valued at about $5,000 at the time. Quite a hefty sum for what is essentially a massive globule of mold, but hey, truffles are pretty great.




…But you probably already knew that.



Source: www.snarkynomad.com