6 Reasons Why Arizona Desert Biking Is What You Need RIGHT NOW.

Ok, so, you’ve totally had it with winter – right up to your frozen eyeballs. You need to escape, and fast! Would the Arizona desert be first on your biking vacation destination list? Probably not. But take our word for it, desert mountain biking has more to offer than you might realize. In fact,  in many ways the landscape alone is second to none.

Specifically, we love touring with our travellers through Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, McDowell Mountain Regional Park which is the most scenic part of central Arizona. With warm days and cool evenings, after hours off the trails can be filled with stories around the fire, while days are marked with wheel-to-dirt adventures through some of the best designed bike-specific trails around! Each day you can expect to ride through vast, sweeping desert views, pinned in by scenic mountain ranges and fields of wildflowers or native desert flora.

Alright, we know you’re itching to get out of the snow and on your bike in warmer temps. Without further ado here are our 6 Reason Why Arizona Desert Biking Is What You Need RIGHT NOW! 

Exciting Bike-To-Dirt Single Track Riding

We love the low difficulty single track trails in the Sonoran desert. You truly feel like the master of your own little universe when coasting through Arizona’s deserts. very little traffic – beautiful surroundings – perfect weather.

single track riding


Towering Cacti

As we mentioned earlier, the desert landscape is like no other. Where else could you ride trails between towering cacti called Saguaro, which can grow between 40-60 feet tall! When rain is plentiful and the saguaro is fully hydrated it can weigh between 3200-4800 pounds.

Towering Cacti


Warm Days & Cool Evenings

You couldn’t ask for better biking weather than the Sonoran desert in the winter months. With the average maximum temperature of 72°F and evening temps of around 44°F, you won’t over heat on the trails, and can cozy up next to a campfire at night enjoying sunsets like this.



Scenic Mountain Ranges

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Arizona deserts have landscapes that cannot be paralleled. The juxtaposition of picturesque flat land as far as the eye can see, with scenic mountain ranges makes the Sonoran a bucket list worthy addition.



Beautiful Flora & Wildflower Fields

When you think of desert, what comes to mind? Barren wasteland perhaps? This couldn’t be further from truth. Not only is the Sonoran rich with scenic beauty, it’s also home to  fields upon fields of vibrant wildflowers.



Incredible Open Landscapes

Open trails, the sun on your face, and mountains on the horizon. What else could you possibly want.

Can’t wait to put bike-to-dirt? Explore our tours and get riding!