3 Ways To Make Cycling “Normal” Again

Remember back in the day when you would leave right after breakfast to hang out with friends? Not returning home until the street lights came on – preferred method of travel? Your trusty 2 wheeler of course. Driving was out of the question due to that pesky age limit, but besides that, riding your bike meant freedom. Freedom from parents & an escape from rules.
Before the days of helicopter parenting, kids were actually able to get out and experience things without the imposed anxiety of getting hurt, lost, or god forbid – kidnapped. Riding your bike as a young adventurer meant breaking limits with the hidden bonus of some great exercise.
So how do we get back to those days, not just for our kids but for us too? How do we bring back cycling in a way that makes it into our everyday life? A way that makes cycling “normal” again and not just a great way to get fit. We turned back the clock and took inspiration from our early years as riders – before the fancy gear and latest/greatest/lightest bikes. We searched for what made us love cycling in the first place. We narrowed it down to 3 Ways To Make Cycling “Normal” Again.
1) Ditch Your Car
Ok, his sounds a bit extreme, and maybe not entirely practical for your lifestyle. BUT, even if you can’t get rid of your gas guzzler all together, start incorporating your bike in little day-to-day tasks that you would normally hop in your car for. Like going to the corner store, meeting your kids after school, or even the commute to work! Every little bit counts, and slowly you’ll incorporate cycling back into your life and not even realize it!
2) Schedule It
Sounds silly, but with the crazy lives we lead it’s easy to carve out time for exercise and making cycling a normal part of your life again. Just like scheduling a breakfast meeting with a client or your kid’s soccer game – schedule in a ride to clear your head, or get out with the family. Bring back the cycling just for the joy of it!
3) Explore New Places
Part of the magic when cycling as a kid was the ability to take off and explore new places. Now, as adults we rely on our car to get us places, but exploring off the beaten path is how we reconnect with the child in us – bringing us back to the days of coming home at the first flicker of street lights.
So, get out there – reconnect – discover why you fell in love with cycling and bring it back!

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