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Last Minute October Escape Experiences!

Ok, so right about now you’re asking yourself 1-Where the heck did the summer go? 2- Why haven’t I taken some much deserved me time yet!? With the usual day-to-day it’s hard to carve out time to recharge our batteries and to fuel the soul. We’re here to tell you that the cycling experience you’ve been waiting for is waiting! ... Read More »

Get Paid to Travel – How to Organize and Lead Your Own Tours

Traveling for free may sound like a gimmick, but when it comes to traveling as a group with your friends or a cycling club, it’s not! For example, did you know many travel companies offer incentives for groups – often for as few as ten people? The larger the group, the better the incentives can be, and the more negotiating ... Read More »

How To Be A Group Travel Leader & Travel For Free!

We really love guiding groups through some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Travelling with people who have come together to experience something together is something pretty special to be a part of. There are all sorts of reasons people choose to travel together, from families who haven’t seen each other in years looking to reconnect, to co-workers ... Read More »

4 Little Known Facts About The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Travellers come from all over to visit Pisa and the famous leaning tower, sometimes just to do this…     Wether you’re in it for the Instagram photo opp. or to see this architectural marvel first hand for it’s historical significance, we’re willing to bet you don’t know all there is to know about this leaning wonder. Here are 4 ... Read More »

3 Ways To Make Cycling “Normal” Again

Remember back in the day when you would leave right after breakfast to hang out with friends? Not returning home until the street lights came on – preferred method of travel? Your trusty 2 wheeler of course. Driving was out of the question due to that pesky age limit, but besides that, riding your bike meant freedom. Freedom from parents ... Read More »

Italy – Pisa to Florence Bike Tour: 20 Years In The Making

It’s not often we get to say this, but we are now taking you somewhere we’ve never toured before. With over 20 years travelling the world, we have learned a thing or two about creating the near perfect adventure travel experience (not to toot our own horn:)   We see our new Italy – Pisa to Florence Bike Tour as ... Read More »

Girona: Modern Conveniences with Old World Charm

In Girona, one can find the new and the old – with a city built up around a very long history, the old city offers narrow cobblestone streets that have been preserved and yet all the modern conveniences available.   The origins of Girona go back to the time of the Romans. The Goths settled there in the 6th Century ... Read More »

5 Ways To Train For Spain

We’ve been booking cycling trips through Spain for over 20 years offering 10+ tours, and never get tired of clients reporting back on their adventures travelling the trails, sampling the food and wine and simply soaking in the history and charm felt everywhere in the region.   So, the question has been asked, how do you prepare, and even train ... Read More »

7 Ways To Stay Safe When City Cycling


It’s awesome to see more and more folks ditching their gas guzzlers for bikes when commuting to work, and for general travel and exercise – lessening carbon foot prints, and avoiding that nasty rush hour traffic.YUCK!   However, travelling through the city on your bike doesn’t come without risks – just like driving, there are precautions you need to take. ... Read More »

5 Ways Cycling Effects Your Mind & Body

We all know cycling can make us feel alive – working up a good sweat, feeling the wind, and exploring new routes. But specifically, how does cycling physically and mentally impact us? We scoured the internet and found the reasons why we feel the way we do when we bike!   Stronger Heart     Cycling gives your heart a ... Read More »