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Bike Luggage Charges: Worth Keeping Your Bike At Home?


With cycling becoming more popular than ever, enthusiasts increasingly want to take their bicycles abroad for cycling holidays. As a cyclist, it’s worth knowing whether or not taking your own bicycle abroad is worth it. It can also help determine what airline to book with. At Pure Adventures we are so lucky to have bike rental connections all over the ... Read More »

5 Things You’d Be Surprised To Learn About Croatia


By far, one of our most popular trips in 2015, Croatia never disappoints. The coastline is dotted with historical towns, cities, and villages, but the country is very narrow so visiting the islands is absolutely part of a visit. As with all of our tours you will be extremely active on this trip, traveling to islands by speedboat, passing through vineyards, ... Read More »

Croatia’s 12 best beaches to cool off in

The Dalmatian Coast – this is the place in Croatia that is most known! Lots of coastline and access to literally hundreds of islands just a short boat ride away. The mainland coast is dotted with historical towns, cities, and villages, but the country is very narrow and so visiting the islands is absolutely part of a visit to the ... Read More »

Postcard from Croatia

  Meet Luka Poznic. Luka is one of our experienced bicycle tour guides in Croatia. Luka was born is the former Yugoslavia (now a region of 7 picturesque countries). When he isn’t helping Pure Adventures guests during their travels, he spends most of his time between Slovenian Alps and the blue Croatian Adriatic. Preferably on bike, on foot or sailing… Where ... Read More »

Why Cycle Croatia?

5 Reasons to Cycle Croatia   Croatia provides visitors with a little bit of everything, all rolled into one spectacularly beautiful destination. From glistening beaches and rocky coves to lush forestland and ancient Roman ruins; from peaceful old villages to an electric nightlife that will have your heart pumping and your excitement soaring. Whatever your pleasure, Croatia is certain to ... Read More »

Istria Croatia Towns

3 Towns to Explore in Istria Croatia When it comes to amazing travel destinations, Istria, Croatia doesn’t necessarily come to mind. The truth is this hidden gem offers just as much beauty, history, culture and adventure as any of its more popular rivals. From rolling green hills, to snowcapped mountains, to lush vineyards and the magnificent Adriatic Sea, the scenic ... Read More »

PA President Visits Croatia

Insights into New Croatia Tour Our company president just returned from a visit to our new Croatia tour and wants to share some additional information with our readers: Croatia is a small and very long country; mostly made up of coastline all the way along the Adriatic from near Trieste in the north to far south until the border with ... Read More »