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Can’t Miss Dishes in Cinque Terre

Manarola Cinque Terre (3)

We asked our local expert Giorgia for some insider tips to our hiking tour in Cinque Terre and she blew us away with all the good info that follows below.    What does she say about the hiking?  ”All the hikes are quite easy and with  stunning views. While you walk you are surrounded by olives trees, terraces and gardens. ... Read More »

Summer hydration tips for hiking in Utah’s National Parks


If you’re wondering what the weather will be like on a summer hiking trip in Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park, the Utah Visitor’s Bureau sums it up nicely: Generally speaking, Utah is best experienced with an extra bottle of water and some sunscreen. With daytime temperatures peaking at 102F in July and August, it is essential that hikers heading to Utah’s ... Read More »

5 must-haves for your cycling trip to Spain


  You know Spain will be a top travel destination when even Conde Nast’s Wendy Perrin adds it to her list of 2014 travel trends. Perrin lists Spain (along with Germany and Ireland) among the most affordable European countries to fly to in 2014. If you’ve been thinking of booking a self-guided cycling tour to Spain, now is the time to ... Read More »

4 Death Valley Dos and Don’ts for Cyclists

death valley cycling

Visiting Death Valley is a bucket list item for many mountain bikers and travelers. No where else on earth will you find the unique geological features and breathtaking features found in our country’s largest National Park. But to really experience Death Valley, you need to get off the highway and typical tourist tracks and explore the park by bike, and ... Read More »

5 Foods to Try in Provence France

5 Foods to Try in Provence     Of all the beautiful places to visit in France, Provence is perhaps among the most exquisite.  Its perfect combination of old-fashioned cities, historical benchmarks, breathtaking landscapes and delightful weather make this charming region a top destination for travelers.  One of Provence’s many pleasures is the delectable cuisine enjoyed there.  Here are five ... Read More »

Normandy Foodie Highlights in France

  Normandy Foodie Highlights   What do you get when you combine miles of breathtaking coastline, fascinating historical landmarks, lush farmland and lively market towns?  The Normandy region of France boasts all of these features and so much more.  But aside from the picturesque landscapes, friendly locals and cultural discovery, Normandy is also home to some gastronomical delights.  Whether you’re ... Read More »

5 Foods to Try in Loire Valley France

5 Foods to Try in Loire   Visit France’s Loire Valley and you may feel as though you’ve stepped into a time-worn fairytale, complete with ancient storybook castles, quaint old villages and historic towns, breathtaking scenery and picturesque architecture.  The area’s beauty is arguably unmatched by any other destination in the country.  It is a region rich with history and ... Read More »

4 tips for vegans travelling in Ireland

expert tips for vegans going on vacation in ireland

In a part of the world where the number of sheep outnumber the people, vegan cyclists might cross Ireland off of their list of dream holiday destinations. But with research, patience with restaurant chefs, a willingness to compromise and a sense of adventure, adhering to a vegan diet IS possible when you are on holiday in Ireland. Last month, Pure ... Read More »

Be happier, healthier and hipper in 2013

Have more fun during your cycling workouts by racing in cyclocross

Be a happier, healthier and – dare we say – better looking cyclist by making these six New Year’s Resolutions. Resolve to be Happier Eliminate electronics. If you’re training for a Pure Adventures tour, an epic mountain bike race, or your first century ride, chances are you have a training plan you’re trying to stick to. This year, choose one ... Read More »

Best buffet breakfast choices for cyclists

oatmeal is a great breakfast for cyclists

Pure Adventures self-guided cycling tours usually include a buffet breakfast. Skip the pastries and go for these 5 nutrition packed breakfast choices to be well fueled for a day of adventure. Oatmeal Low on the glycemic index and high in complex carbohydrates, choose oatmeal instead of cold cereal when filling your breakfast bowl. Adding to oatmeal’s reputation as a super-food is its high ... Read More »