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Bike Luggage Charges: Worth Keeping Your Bike At Home?


With cycling becoming more popular than ever, enthusiasts increasingly want to take their bicycles abroad for cycling holidays. As a cyclist, it’s worth knowing whether or not taking your own bicycle abroad is worth it. It can also help determine what airline to book with. At Pure Adventures we are so lucky to have bike rental connections all over the ... Read More »

5 ways Budapest satisfies your senses

iconic architecture in Budapest, Hungary

After seven days of cycling along the Danube in our Hungary tour, you’ll have the luxury of overnighting in Budapest on the final tour date. Whether you prefer the quiet sophistication of classical music and museums or a raucous night on the town, Budapest will satisfy all of your senses.  Sight Housing central Europe’s second largest collection of Egyptian art, ... Read More »

Cathedral at Esztergom

Located in Esztergom, a city in northern Hungary that is 46 km north-west of Budapest, sits the magnificent Cathedral at Esztergom, or Esztergom Basilica, which has long been a focal point of visitors and locals alike. Once the capital of Hungary, Esztergom itself is ideally located on the right bank of the enchanting River Danube, giving the entire area an air ... Read More »

The Mighty Danube

Cycling the Danube The mighty Danube River has been given the nickname “the river that connects Europe”, and for good reason.  This incredible body of water winds its way through 10 different European countries, weaving a variety of cultures and breathtaking landscapes together like a beautiful tapestry.  One of the best ways to experience the Danube is to cycle along ... Read More »

5 Foods to Try in Hungary

Hungary’s Delicious Cuisines One of the oldest European countries, Hungary is a destination filled with rich history and a unique culture – one that its residents are fiercely proud of.  It is home to one of the world’s most famous and beautiful cities, Budapest, and boasts fascinating historical finds from 2,000 year old ancient Roman ruins to monuments dating back ... Read More »

5 Reasons to Cycle Hungary

Hungary is by far one of the most interesting and enjoyable destinations on earth. Visitors are intrigued by the country’s unique combination of old world traditions and modern day trends. Sometimes referred to as the “land of the spas” Hungary is the perfect destination for luxury and relaxation. For the more active traveler, there are diverse and challenging landscapes perfect ... Read More »