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4 Ways To Immediately Fix Hand Pain When Cycling.

class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-2195″ />It comes with the territory that we will all experience some aches and pains from cycling, but aches and pains can become repetitive injury when not dealt with properly. There’s lots of areas to cover, but this blog will talk about the hands and how you can keep hand pain at bay.   Suffer from numbness, pain ... Read More »

5 Ways Cycling Effects Your Mind & Body

We all know cycling can make us feel alive – working up a good sweat, feeling the wind, and exploring new routes. But specifically, how does cycling physically and mentally impact us? We scoured the internet and found the reasons why we feel the way we do when we bike!   Stronger Heart     Cycling gives your heart a ... Read More »

Get Free Money Towards Your Next Pure Adventures Trip!

Here at Pure Adventures we’ve been extremely fortunate to have travellers return to experience our tours time and time again. Now we want to say thanks by putting money back in your pocket just by sending family and friends our way. We would love to reward you for referrals! If you’ve been on at least 1 trip in the last ... Read More »

2016 Tech For The Adventure Traveller Who Has Everything.

Being a seasoned adventure traveller, you’ve earned your stripes. You’ve taken the tough trails, weathered the storm – literally, pushed physical limits and have come face to face with new worlds and cultures. There’s no doubt you’ve accumulated great gear to help you along those journeys. But besides your old lucky compass or perfectly worked in hiking boots, most of ... Read More »

Beat the heat: 5 tips for summer cycling

Depending on where you live, summer cycling can feel like you’re in sizzling Death Valley – unless of course you live in Missoula, Montana, where it was hotter than Death Valley last week. Of course, while Death Valley is sometimes regarded as the hottest place in the United States, the winter temperatures are quite moderate and perfect for cycling, as ... Read More »

25 must-read bicycle blogs

At Pure Adventures, we live and breath bicycling. From gear, training and of course self-guided travel, our staff read an astounding number of cycling blogs, news sites and magazines. Here are 25 of our favorites. Bicycle Gear Reviews If you’re in the market for a new bike or cycling accessories, these blogs and websites regularly review the latest and greatest gear. ... Read More »

7 safety tips for summer hiking in the Grand Canyon

safety advice for hiking in the grand canyon during the summer

The Grand Canyon is like no other place on earth. Absolutely epic in every way, from the number of visitors (nearly 5 million a year) to it’s ancient geological history (2 billion years worth)  Arizona’s Grand Canyon is a dream hiking destination. “It’s easy to think of the canyon as a hole in the ground, but when you’re there it’s so ... Read More »

5 steps to better mountain biking (plus 6 great tours to test your skills)

self guided cycling tour in arizona

At Pure Adventures, we live and breathe mountain biking. Everything from our specially designed self-guided tours for mountain bikers to our staff and guides boasts our commitment to providing travelers with an authentic and exciting mountain biking vacation. For example, did you know our guides are pro mountain bike racers and Pure Adventures founder Loren Siekman races Cat 1 Masters? ... Read More »

8 steps to picking a pack for your US hiking trip

how to pick a hiking pack for a trip to Europe

On the Pure Adventures blog we’ve talked about how to avoid blisters, pick the perfect hiking boots and suggested ways to save on a hiking trip, setting you up for a memorable self-guided trip to Utah, Arizona or California. The final piece of the self guided gear puzzle is picking a pack. Because backpacking forces you to carry all your ... Read More »

4 ways to blister-proof your feet

4 tips from experts to preventing blisters while you are hiking

Nothing puts the brakes on a great hike as the  foot pain caused by blisters. What starts out as minor irritation on your heel, foot arch or toes can quickly turn into a blister of epic proportions if the cause isn’t immediately dealt with. And when you’ve invested hours in training for a guided hiking trip with your friends, cancelling a ... Read More »