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5 Reasons To Add The Burgundy Gastronomy & Wine Bike Tour To Your Bucket List


Burgundy is famous for its warm hospitality and inimitable knack for enjoying life. Rich in tradition, gastronomy, history and excellent wines. Even before Julius Caesar fought his decisive battles with the Gauls, people have been lured to this beautiful land of gently rolling landscapes, sleepy villages, rivers and canals. Burgundy is the old France, a land of culture, countryside, fine ... Read More »

A Rookie’s Quick Fact Guide To Spanish Wine


                                  Ok, so you like wine.  You come home, make dinner and pour yourself a generous glass of the red stuff. But when friends ask “what’s your go-to wine?” a deer in the head light look falls over your face.  Because you, like many ... Read More »

Get Free Money Towards Your Next Pure Adventures Trip!

Here at Pure Adventures we’ve been extremely fortunate to have travellers return to experience our tours time and time again. Now we want to say thanks by putting money back in your pocket just by sending family and friends our way. We would love to reward you for referrals! If you’ve been on at least 1 trip in the last ... Read More »

Spain In A Glass: 5 reasons why Rioja should be your new favorite red wine

PA rioja wines

Grapes have been grown in the La Rioja region for thousands of years. First carefully tended to and crafted by monks as early as 873, Rioja wines have a fascinating heritage, dating back to the Phoenicians and the Celtiberians. According to, it’s the most famous wine on the American market, it’s fruitiness, structure and tannins making it similar to Cabernet Sauvignon. The ... Read More »

5 Reasons To Buy Less & Experience More In 2016

Experience More

With the holidays behind us, and the new year upon us, thoughts go to new year’s resolutions and finding ways to live better, healthier, and happier. How do you see yourself accomplishing your goals in 2016? For you, does living better mean acquiring the latest tech, appliance, or maybe a home reno? Maybe being happier and healthier comes with a ... Read More »

Piedmont Italy Wine & Cycling Is A Treasure Less Explored

View This from a bike saddle!

We wouldn’t call Piedmont unknown, or even off the beaten path, but where are all the tourists?  We know they come, we know the wine is world famous, yet, why does it feel like we have it to ourselves?   Well, we share what the locals are so happy to show off! A Sunday in June and everywhere are the ... Read More »

5 must-haves for your cycling trip to Spain


  You know Spain will be a top travel destination when even Conde Nast’s Wendy Perrin adds it to her list of 2014 travel trends. Perrin lists Spain (along with Germany and Ireland) among the most affordable European countries to fly to in 2014. If you’ve been thinking of booking a self-guided cycling tour to Spain, now is the time to ... Read More »

3 Lesser Known Wine Regions of France

3 Lesser Known Wine Regions of France   When it comes to wine, we’ve all heard of such famous regions as Tuscany and Napa Valley.  But these aren’t the only areas that produce exquisite wine.  In fact, there are 3 surprisingly lesser known regions that happen to offer everything a wine aficionado could ask – from robust flavors to distinct ... Read More »

Cycling Burgundy’s Vineyards of France

Cycling Burgundy’s Vineyards Few places on Earth offer the magnificent scenery, fascinating culture and rich history like the Burgundy region of France.  And with a breathtaking backdrop of lush, green forests, blissful canals and waterways, enchanting chateaux and seemingly endless natural trails, Burgundy also happens to be one of the best places in the world to cycle.  In fact, the ... Read More »

5 palate pleasers in Puglia

oven baked Italian pasta with meatballs

Puglia (Apulia), you may have heard of it, but where is it? This region of Italy is found in the ‘boot heel’ area of Italy and on your self-guided tour of this region you will more or less follow the coast from the inland town of Conversano and go to Otranto. The routes along the rolling hills of Puglia are ... Read More »