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What we really want is to be able to communicate with you in the way that is best for you. We have a short image driven Enewsletter that delivers news about new tours, promotions, event info and more in a quick to digest and move on format! You can see similar info at Facebook, Twitter, and others. We have articles published on Huffington Post!

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CALL US or Email: we are available via 3 different USA offices seasonal offices in Europe. We pride ourselves on quick responses; this one link will take you to contact options.


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Pure Adventures is one of the longest standing members of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and on their consumer website you will find reviews about us from customers; the same reviews that show in our website under the respective tour. The most recent can be viewed here. See also the website for more history!  Reviews are driven by 3rd party application Tour Radar

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We would love to send you news, information, and one-time offers as they come up in a way that is of interest to you. We send short bullet type image driven Enewsletters that present info about new tours, promotions, events and more in an easy to absorb and go manner! If you follow us at Facebook, Twitter, and others some of the info is there, but not always the same. We do reward our enews subscribers the most!

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