We’ve been booking cycling trips through Spain for over 20 years offering 10+ tours, and never get tired of clients reporting back on their adventures travelling the trails, sampling the food and wine and simply soaking in the history and charm felt everywhere in the region.
So, the question has been asked, how do you prepare, and even train for such a rich experience? After all, when embarking on a Pure Adventures Spain cycling tour, you run the risk of suffering from extreme sensory overload. From the vast variety of local wines, incredible food and breath taking scenery – well, it’s all just a bit much to handle.
To help you acclimate to these new surroundings, we have put together a very simple guide on 7 Ways To Train For Spain at home. Follow these carefully and we are confident you’ll have no trouble handling all that is Spain!
1) The Food
Eat delicious food like this at least 2x a day for 3 weeks prior to heading to Spain. For this treatment to be most effective do not skip a meal. Training your taste buds for the food only experienced in Spain, will prevent freak out!
2) The Drink
With so many Spanish wines to choose from, you’ll want to warm up your pallet in preparation for these robust and flavourful creations! We suggest 1/2 a glass of decent Spanish wine daily leading up to your tour!
3) The Scenery
Immerse yourself in some beautiful outdoor surroundings (although they won’t compare to scenic Spain) 1 hour each day for 2 weeks in advance of your Spain tour. This will train each of your senses in taking in the unparalleled beauty that will surround you while cycling through the Spanish country side.
4) The People
Get out and meet new awesome people at least 1x day for a week before departing to Spain. You will meet some of the friendliest people on your travels, so best brush up on your people skills!
5) The Trails
In order to sufficiently prepare for the iconic spanish biking trails, you’ll need to hit the ones close to home extra hard! We suggest biking them at least 2hrs a day to 3 weeks before arriving in Spain. Physical preparedness is key to making the most of what Spain has to offer!
There you have it! Now get training and see you soon!

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