Get Paid to Travel – How to Organize and Lead Your Own Tours

Traveling for free may sound like a gimmick, but when it comes to traveling as a group with your friends or a cycling club, it’s not! For example, did you know many travel companies offer incentives for groups – often for as few as ten people?

The larger the group, the better the incentives can be, and the more negotiating power a group could have. Destinations, travel season and properties in high demand also determine if there is any room for negotiation or incentives. The most common incentive is free travel for the tour organizer – and that person could be you!

Becoming a group leader requires a commitment of time and energy, but the rewards are worthwhile. Pure Adventures is pleased to offer cycling clubs and other interest groups our new quick-start guide to organizing group travel. With tips on finding potential groups, researching trip ideas and how to be a great group travel leader, our easy to read e-book will help you start planning your next cycling vacation.

Hotels are one of the biggest costs in a trip budget and groups almost always get reduced rates. “We encourage group leaders to organize their friends and take advantage of this kind of group savings. Likewise, when we have one point of contact to manage a group, our time commitment per person is also reduced. Even if our time invested is more for groups, we reward group leaders who can manage all the group communication and allows us to work with one person on behalf of the group,” says Pure Adventures Founder Loren Siekman.

He adds, “Group travel must be booked in advance, and we definitely recommend avoiding September if possible. Groups of 10 or more should be booked at least 8 months in advance, or more. The earlier the better for the best negotiating position possible.”

Pure Adventures does all the hard work of managing bookings, taking payments, and managing all vendors and logistics in preparation and during. Group leaders rally the participants to join, to pay and do forms by certain dates, and distribute travel planners to keep participants informed up to travel. Group leaders will spend time before, during, and after a tour in their role. This is why a group leader tends to ‘earn’ a free space – it does take some work and organizational skills, but Pure Adventures will help our group leaders every step of the way.

“We have organized groups for Bicycle Adventure Club and its always easiest with a strong leader who can take charge and set correct expectations. We have groups from all over the world, and adding custom programs is much easier done for groups, so don’t be afraid to ask for something unique!“ says Siekman.