Self guided Mickelson Trail bike tour has numerous highlights

May 20, 2020: This week we invite you to explore our 4 new US – Rails to Trails bike tours, taking you on dedicated pathway (former railway lines) through incredible scenery: mountains, rivers, lakes, forest and hills. These trips are perfect for families and leisurely cyclists looking for a peaceful escape. One our our new tours is on a favorite trail where I grew up, the Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills of South Dakota; it’s a special place I’d like to tell you more about!

At the time, growing up in the Black Hills didn’t feel like anything extraordinary. I went downhill skiing in the winter and to summer camps amidst towering pines, always with the Hills in view. Like many little boys, I climbed trees and rode my bike everywhere, all summer long. And I remember watching in awe as summer storms rose up over the mountains in the west: scarlet sunsets lighting up the storm clouds to the east as the massive clouds rolled away over the distant prairie. In elementary school, bright-eyed little me devoured the exciting stories of the Gold Rush, Wild West adventures, and Native American history; important pieces of history that shaped the unique culture of the Black Hills. It was a great place to grow up! We had plenty of adventures and the “classic Americana” childhood experience.

Now, as someone who has lived in many crowded places (Paris, L.A. & Phoenix) I understand and appreciate the incredible value and unique beauty found only in the Black Hills. Having visited many destinations around the world, often shoulder to shoulder in crowds, the quiet call of the Black Hills – with its mountains and pine forests – is calling me home.Our family misses exploring and seeing new things. We are trying to be patient, knowing that things are changing every day and that we must keep on dreaming. If you are also craving travel but not ready to go quite so far away just yet, a US-based Rails to Trails bike tour could be the perfect getaway later this summer or fall. Take a look at our new bike tours below and when you are ready to get out for a cycling adventure, we are here to create the perfect trip for you!