Planning Other Parts of Your Trip

It is very important that you have all necessary information before traveling. To minimize the documents we email to you, we created this page for you to read and print everything you will need. Please take the time to go through each section and never hesitate to contact us with questions.

Plan Rail Travel in Europe | Plan an Auto Rental

ADDITIONAL HOTEL NIGHTS: Wanting to add hotel nights before or after your tour? Pure Adventures has preferred rates, just contact your tour consultant for a quote!

VERY IMPORTANT – TRAVEL INSURANCE: You should have already received a quote. More info or Generate a Quote

EARN TRIP CREDIT: We appreciate your referrals and have a rewards program! See how you can earn credit for future trips.

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Review Trip Level Ratings | Review Self Guided | Passport Up to Date? | Pure Adventures Merchandise

GPS & Smart Phones | | Bike Tour Packing List | Hiking Tour Packing List | PA Tour Essentials Guide | Getting Fit for Your Trip |About Rail Passes | Europe Road Signs | How to Plan to Bring Your Bike | Other Frequently Asked Questions

Reasons to Insure Your Travels | Behind the Scenes of your Trip – Who to Contact |Complete This Personal Info Form

Country Info Guides | Language Guides by Country | Review Booking Terms | Guides – Our Tipping Suggestion

PASSPORT INFORMATION – You are reminded to check with your government well in advance if you need a passport (or renewal) to travel to your destination. You must also check the destination countries you plan to visit to see if you are required to have a Travel Visa to enter. Our customers come from all over the world and we cannot advise on all the possibilities. Please research and plan in advance, as some governments take several months for documents to be issued!


This is not obligatory but we strongly recommend this option. For more details, please visit the website. The main reason people purchase travel insurance is for protection against their need to cancel, such as if a family member becomes ill or an injury is sustained prior to travel. This is also a good option for auto rental insurance, as it is much cheaper than through the car rental company.

TRAVEL SAFE: This is our best insurance option for US and CANADIAN travelers; it covers more people and is more comprehensive for a lower premium. Limited bike rental coverage is also included. Travel Safe Quote Site .

You should have already received our quote at the best rate for you. If not, ask your Pure Adventures consultant to help you with a quote.

For Australian clients, click here and if you’re a resident of New Zealand, click here.


GPS & MOBILE PHONES: Technology moves so fast with the travel industry, so for those who are tech savvy, we strongly encourage you to use your own device. Numerous apps now allow you to navigate without using cellular data, so this is certainly useful while on tour. If you use a GPS device or smart phone, you should know how to use it before you come and also, how to use it in airplane mode (cell data off.) Pure Adventures uses Ride With GPS to manage GPX tracks and routes.


Even if you don’t want to use your smart phone as your primary navigation tool, you will want to plan to use your own mobile phone for calls and other smart phone apps/uses. We strongly recommend that you plan ahead with your cell carrier, to avoid very costly roaming charges for data. Note: public phones have almost completely disappeared in most destinations and you will need access to a phone.


SPAIN: | Spain Travel Guide | Spanish Phrases |

AUSTRIA: | Germany-Austria Phrasebook | Danube Cycling Passau-Vienna Route Info | Salzburg-Prague Route Info |

FRANCE: | France Travel Guide | Burgundy Travel Guide | French Phrases |

ITALY: | Italy Travel Guide | Italian Phrases |

BELGIUM: | Belgium Travel Guide | French Phrases | Flanders & Beer Cycling Tour Info |

PORTUGAL: | Portugal Travel Guide | Algarve & Alentejo Travel Info | Portuguese Phrases |

IRELAND: | Ireland Travel Guide |

UNITED KINGDOM: | United Kingdom Travel Guide |

CZECH REPUBLIC: | Czech Republic Travel Guide | Czech Phrases |

CROATIA: Croatia Travel Info | | Croatian Phrasebook | Croatia Coast & Islands Cycling Tour Info |

SLOVENIA: | Slovenia Phrasebook |

Rail Travel – Should you book rail tickets in advance and if so, what is the best deal? Point to point tickets or multi-day passes? Feel free to ask our advice on these matters. If you are in the USA, you can order directly online from Rail Europe, see link below. For travel in Italy, we highly recommend this Italia Rail link.

A single stop for European rail travel.

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We would love to hear from you before, during and after your trip! While you’re preparing and getting excited for your trip, check our social network pages to see pictures from other travelers and interesting facts about the countries we travel to.  During your tour, please feel free to post pictures and comments on our pages, that way other travelers can get a preview of what they’ll see on their tour from your point of view (and others may dream about going on that trip someday!)

After your tour, we would be extremely grateful for any pictures and videos that you could share with us. Your snapshots and short videos are always appreciated, as we love seeing our clients have fun on tour. Please don’t be shy and feel free to gloat about your great vacation; this is part of what makes our job so rewarding!

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