Pousadas de Portugal

One of a Kind Portugal Hotels

With breathtaking countryside, spectacular coastline and rich culture and traditions, Portugal remains one of the world’s most incredible destinations to visit. But aside from the fantastic landscapes and natural beauty, one of the most memorable and engaging things about this country is its old-fashioned charm – a charm that is marked by the many quaint Pousadas that can be found throughout. Pousadas are rustic and traditional Portuguese hotels that, remarkably, don’t resemble hotels at all. They also happen to be one of the best ways to experience an authentic Portuguese stay.

There are currently around 40 Pousadas found throughout Portugal, with the first having been built in the early 1940’s in Elvas by Government Minister António Ferro. These historic buildings were originally designed as rest houses for travelers in areas that didn’t have any other accommodations. They can now be found as a part of many other larger buildings, including everything from palaces and historic castles to manor houses and even former monasteries. Most Pousadas are located in more remote areas, which cannot be easily reached by public transportation. This only adds to their charm and the old world, authentic Portuguese experience they offer to guests.

Pousadas are classified into four distinct groups, based on such factors as their architectural design, their surroundings and their concept. The four classifications of Pousadas include:


  • Historic – Pousadas that are given the title of “historic” are located within original historic monuments that remain today as they have since they were originally designed and built.
  • Historic Design – Pousadas that feature this designation are historic monuments that have been contemporarily restored, but still offer an old-world charm.
  • Charm – These Pousadas feature regional architecture and offer a unique glimpse at the local culture of the areas in which they are located.
  • Nature – The Pousadas that are classified as “nature Pousadas” are typically located in areas where there is outstanding countryside and natural beauty surrounding them.

The Pousadas of Portugal used to be run by the state, but became privatized in 2003 when they were purchased by the Pestana group. Since that time a few more Pousadas have been built with plans to construct several more in the future. There has even been a Pousada de Portugal opened in Brazil under an ongoing internationalization plan. Of course, many believe the unique charm and tradition of the original Portuguese Pousadas simply cannot be duplicated.

Portugal remains one of the world’s most popular destinations to visit, and for good reason. Its spectacular natural beauty is matched only by its warm, welcoming atmosphere and alluring old-fashioned charm. Pousadas provide guests with a unique way to discover this country’s rich history, culture, and tradition as well as enjoy first-class hospitality and exquisite regional cuisine. A stay in one (or more) of these beautiful hotels is an adventure in and of itself, and a way to experience Portugal in the most authentic and unforgettable way possible.