Why Cycle Croatia?

5 Reasons to Cycle Croatia


Croatia provides visitors with a little bit of everything, all rolled into one spectacularly beautiful destination. From glistening beaches and rocky coves to lush forestland and ancient Roman ruins; from peaceful old villages to an electric nightlife that will have your heart pumping and your excitement soaring. Whatever your pleasure, Croatia is certain to satisfy every item on your travel to-do list. And with some of the most magnificent and diverse landscapes on earth, it also happens to be an excellent place to cycle. If you’re still not quite sold on Croatia as your next biking destination, here are 5 compelling reasons you should grab your bike and cycle this incredible country.





If you could sum up the terrain of Croatia, one word you certainly wouldn’t use to describe it is boring. In fact, there are so many different landscapes to see and experience, it’s nearly impossible to fit them all into one visit. From intriguing and mysterious yawning caves to the majestic mountains of the Dinaric Alps, to breathtaking islands perfectly situated in the Adriatic Sea, Croatian’s spectacular geography is matched only by the colorful people who call it home. Perhaps most noteworthy are the country’s fantastic Plitvice lakes, a series of waterways that are known for their distinct colors, which range from deep blue and grey to mint green and turquoise. They are quite a sight to behold.



With literally thousands of islands scattered about, Croatia boasts some of the best beaches in the world. And, with such a huge variety, there is a beach for just about every interest, taste and preference. From exhilarating party beaches to deliciously deserted private coves, to sport-lovers paradise and even nudist, whatever type of beach getaway you’re looking for, you’ll find it on the sands of a Croatian shoreline. Croatia covers over 1.778 kilometers (1.103 miles) of seaside terrain on the mainland alone, and another 4.012 kilometers (2.487 miles) on its many islands. One thing’s for certain – you’ll never run out of beautiful coastline while you’re visiting this magnificent country.

Diocletian’s Palace

Those who love history will delight in a visit to Diocletian’s Palace, which is among some of the most fascinating Roman ruins in existence today. The palace was constructed using exquisite white stone, imported marble from Italy and Greece, and even Egyptian sphinxes and columns. In other words, Diocletian spared no expense when he ordered this imposing structure built. The palace itself measures 215m long and 181m wide. The entire area covers an incredible 31,000 square meters and includes a military fortress, an imperial residence and even an entire fortified town. Today, there are still 220 buildings within the palace boundaries, which are home to nearly 3,000 people. The palace cellars have become a popular marketplace where visitors can shop for handcrafted jewelry, sculptures, wooden and leather goods, and a variety of other unique treasures.

Brijuni National Park

Brijuni is a nature preserve that is comprised of two large and twelve small islands. The Brijuni islands are home to some of the most incredible, unspoiled nature and breathtaking Mediterranean vegetation around, as well as fascinating cultural heritage which dates back as far as the Roman and Byzantine times. Brijuni is not officially inhabited, which only serves to add to its appeal. Instead, visitors are ferried over by boat from the mainland. Surround yourself with magnificent natural beauty and enjoy an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Along with the spectacular flora, Brijuni is also a fantastic place to bird watch, as many different species like to winter on the islands.

Endless Activities


Aside from the amazing cycling opportunities, Croatia is also home to a seemingly endless list of activities and outdoor adventures. From a world-class game of golf, to horseback riding, to white water rafting, to mountaineering and canoeing the area’s many waterways in a traditional Croatian canoe, called “trupice”, you’ll never be bored when you’re in this incredible destination. In fact, no matter what season you choose to visit, there’s something exciting awaiting you here.


Ideally located at the crossroads of the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Central Europe, Croatia combines a little bit of everything into one compact location. With delightfully diverse terrain, fascinating culture and heritage, and an endless variety of activities and adventures to be had, visitors are certain to be left wondering when they can return for more. One of the best ways to discover this incredible destination is on bike. These are just five of the countless reasons to cycle Croatia. Why not head over and discover some reasons of your own?

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