Croatia’s 12 best beaches to cool off in


The Dalmatian Coast – this is the place in Croatia that is most known! Lots of coastline and access to literally hundreds of islands just a short boat ride away. The mainland coast is dotted with historical towns, cities, and villages, but the country is very narrow and so visiting the islands is absolutely part of a visit to the Dalmatian Coast. The Split to Dubrovnik Croatia Bike Tour offers ample opportunities to bike, hike and paddle.  After a day of adventure, visit one of these fabulous beaches to cool off at.

Banje Beach
Undoubtedly Dubrovnik’s most popular beach, Banje Beach is a sandy, pebbly beach visited by millions of people each year. To reach Banje Beach you exit the walled City of Dubrovnik through the east gate, and walk approximately 100 meters. Half of the beach is public, half of the beach – the sandier side – is run by the Eastwest Beach Club. Bring along some cash to rent a lounge chair if you plan to soak up the sun on the Eastwest portion of the beach.

Copacabana Beach
This family-friendly beach in Dubrovnik offers something for everyone – jet ski rentals, smooth sand, slides for the kids, lifts for people who need extra help getting in and out of the water, a water polo court and amazing views. Arrive early to secure a space to relax and stay late to watch the beach transform to a vibrant night club.

Blace Beach
Secluded and quiet, Blace Beach on the island of Mljet offers a sandy half mile long break from the sharp stones of Mljet’s shores. The water is very warm, a please change from the cooler waters outside of  this serene lagoon. Often visited by naturalists (aka nudists), Blace Beach is an oasis of tranquility when compared to Dubrovnik’s bustling beaches.

Veliko Jezero
If your trip to Mljet includes time at the National Park, make sure you visit Veliko Jezero. The beach along Large Lake is a favorite among visitors for swimming since they can simply float away their worries – Veliko Jezero is a natural salt lake!

Zaton Beach
Awarded the prestigious Blue Flag for its water purity and beach cleanliness, Zaton Beach boasts warm water and sandy shores making it ideal for families with young children. Thrill seekers also flock to Zaton Beach for the wide variety of sports activities offered, including parasailing!

Bačvice Beach
The super-fine sand on Bačvice beach draws in tourists from the nearby ferry terminal, making it one of the busiest beaches in Croatia. Admittedly, there are nicer (and less crowded beaches) in Split, but Bačvice is the home of the unique and acrobatic game of picigin, a netless version of volleyball in the sea where players perform gravity defying leaps to prevent the ball from hitting the water.

Žnjan Beach
The newest beach in Split is also the biggest! What makes Žnjan so popular is the ample parking, wide sandy bays, brilliant blue seascapes and modern and convenient visitor amenities, ensuring a fun and comfortable day in the sun.

Beach Zakrjan
The most popular in Korcula Town boasts deep, clean water, ideal for jumping off the large rocks that protect Zakrjan Beach from the cool afternoon winds. Located on the eastern edge of town, Zakrjan is the oldest swimming spot in the area. The cafes a short walk away from the beach are a great place to relax and enjoy a bite to eat. Note that access to the beach is via steep and narrow stairs, making Zakrjan best for active adventurers.

Tatinja Beach
This sandy beach in Lumbarda is popular choice for families with kids, in part to the shallow warm waters and nearby ice cream stands. Because of this, Tatinja becomes quickly crowded, so sunbathers seeking a quiet place to relax will want to arrive early to enjoy the sunrise and then out once the sun is up. Off-season is quieter here in Lumbarda.

Istruga Bay
Some people prefer to hit the beach for a day on the sand, but savvy travelers know that the reason behind a day at Istruga Bay is to spend time in the healing mud at the bottom of the bay. Located on the southern side of Korcula, Istruga Bay also offers table tennis, volleyball and a small restaurant.

A short 2.5 kilometer walk east from the center of Hvar town are the two pebbly beaches of Mekicevia. These hidden gems are perfect for travelers wanting a break from the crowds in bustling Hvar.

Palmizana is best known for its amazing array of fragrant plant, such as rosemary and heather, but beach goers flock to this quaint island for its spacious cove and shallow sandy beach. Boat transfers to Palmizana are easily arranged.

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