Your Trip, Your Way: We Want to Hear Your Stories!

You can rack a up a lot of adventures in twenty five years. Multiply that by all the travellers who’ve taken trips with us, and we’re sure we’ve created enough stories to fill a library. Call us nostalgic as we look back on the growth of this business over the past two and half decades, but we’d like to hear some of the best memories from your travels.
Cyclist pedalling through the mountainsWhat made you choose the destinations you did? What surprised you once you finally made it there, and what sticks with you most strongly? Maybe the self-guided aspect of our tours helped you plan out a vacation — was there something on your bucket list you just had to see? Whatever it is, send us an anecdote or two and we’ll send you some Pure Adventure gear as a token of our appreciation.
A story doesn’t need to be grand to qualify. It could be a simple as a meal that sticks with you — a spread that captured the essence of a culture’s hospitality, a local fruit that never tasted so fresh, a glass of wine enjoyed in the shade of the mountain where it was grown. Or it could be a tale that unwinds unpredictably as you follow your curiosity through Old World streets.
We’ve set up the Your Trip, Your Way page to make it easy to submit. We’d love it if you could include some visuals, so you’ll find an option to attach images as well. Your work will appear on a dedicated stories page alongside other travellers. 
Thank you for your support over the years; it’s your stories of adventure that make this work rewarding and inspire us to keep exploring! Yours,
The Pure Adventures Team