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Experience bucket list Chilean Patagonia with biking adventures in the Volcano & Lakes District of Northern Patagonia and dreamy multi-sport activities in Southern Patagonia. Truly a trip of a lifetime, exploring Patagonia will provide you with memories to last a lifetime and views that will take your breath away!

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Self guided hike to beautiful and pristine vistas

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For the discerning traveler that desires the highest level of detail and seeks the ultimate vacation experience, look no further. Pure Adventures awaits your every wish and can hand tailor your dream trip, customizing all of the fine details. Self guided travel, guided trips, and semi-supported trip options exist, in a multitude of exciting destinations!
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Chile – Patagonia Highlights Multi-Sport Tour

Private Guided: This 6 day bucket-list tour takes you into the heart of Southern Patagonia, where you can experience majestic Torres del Paine and the surrounding area in a way unlike any other. This multi-sport tour is private-guided, and has you hiking through rugged landscapes, horseback riding with Patagonian gauchos, kayaking in Grey's Lake, and […]
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Chile – Patagonia’s Lakes & Volcanoes Guided Bike Tour

Private Guided: Explore Chile's Northern Patagonia region, the Lake District, on this 8 day, private guided bike tour. Cycle past sparkling lakes with towering volcanoes to guide your way. Explore the heart of a biological nature reserve, visit hot springs, and enjoy cycling rolling hills, with a few climbs, too!
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