A note from Trail to Table co-founders Loren, Richie, and Natalie…

In our combined 40 years in the adventure travel industry, the three of us hear from client after client that the best part of their trip wasn’t the postcard highlights of the destination.  Instead, we hear favorite memories like visiting a farm and helping the farmer make cheese. Or learning about local varietals at a winery while savoring a tasting and spectacular view. Or mingling with the locals at a neighborhood market and purchasing the makings of a picnic lunch.

And there’s a reason for that.

We believe food, drink, and culinary traditions tell the story of a people in a way no museum can. But they also connect us to the here and now of a place, immersing us in flavors and moments shared with new friends.

As travelers ourselves, we share that craving for authentic connections with the places we explore. We each savor a good hike or ride to immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of a new place as much as our clients do, and good food is a given on any of Pure Adventures’ tours. But we wanted to craft a collection of tours that’s intentional in offering you a more well-rounded view of a place, both physically (from land a water, foot and bike) as well as culturally — from Trail to Table.

The initial collection of nine unique tours for 2018 is our take on this philosophy on active exploration. We’re excited to look forward to 2019 already as we craft new programs in more destinations, and we’d love your feedback. Where would you like to explore from Trail to Table? Please let us know!

About us

The Trail to Table tour collection is a partnership between Pure Adventures and sister company Elemental Journeys.

About Loren
President, Pure Adventures; Co-owner, Elemental Journeys

Loren returned from living abroad in Paris, to start his first travel company in 1994; a corporate travel agency, then created the brand Discover France, followed by Cycling Classics and Pure Adventures.  One of the original pioneers in bringing self guided theme travel and helping to coin this term, Pure Adventures today is still one of leading brands for self-guided adventures. Co-founder of this new brand and collection, Loren brings bike racing experience and travel industry experience and years of connections all over the world to these new offers.  Single parent of two boys, Loren believes in the power of travel to educate, pacify, and conserve our world for all generations.

About Richie
Vice President, Elemental Journeys

After Richie’s minor league baseball career came to an end, he fell into the sport of cycling. He has competed in several long distance mountain biking events. It was his passion for cycling that lead him to the adventure travel industry, where he has become an expert in bike and multi- sport tours, specializing in group and custom programs. In addition to going on hikes and adventures with his wife Emily, Richie enjoys a good bike ride, playing chess, and reading philosophy in his free time. Richie and Emily live in north Georgia, just south of Chattanooga, Tennessee, with their dog, 2 cats, 5 chickens, and rabbit. Richie believes that authentic travel experiences can leave lasting impressions, enabling a person to more fully experience the world around them.

About Natalie
President, Elemental Journeys

Natalie is a digital marketing and communications pro who, after narrowly escaping the clutches of the corporate world, has focused her energy and talent for connecting people into her passion: travel. She strives to inspire travelers to explore our big world and then make it easy to find their perfect trip. She believes travel has the ability to teach us as much about ourselves as about the world, can be a vehicle for personal transformation, and is the scene-maker of meaningful connections. Natalie lives in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee and most weekends find her exploring the trails around the city biking or hiking or out on the Tennessee River in her kayak. She’s an enthusiastic amateur cook and enjoys entertaining at home with a table full of friends, food, and laughter.