Referral Program

Take A Trip – Refer Friends – Earn Trip Credit for More Trips!

How it works: you refer friends to us for their next adventure trip. You will bank $50 per person in the booking that you referred. So, if you refer a couple, you earn $100 toward a future trip. You refer a family of 6, you earn $300 toward future travel with us. There is no limit to the amount of trip credit you can bank, but there is a limit to how much you can redeem on each future trip. We limit the discount applicable to $500 to a future ‘booking’. The ‘booking’ is for all people on your trip. So, if you earn more than $500 in referral credit, you will have leftover to apply further on future trips. Easy, but it takes you to make that outreach with your community to let people know you have resources that can help them have a great experience!


Use this form to submit your referral with their contact information. From this we will keep track of your bank!