Referral Program

Refer New Travelers. Earn rewards!

Self guided trip rewards from Pure Adventures! See the little black box on the right edge of your screen: share the coupon code showing to give your friends an awesome offer! When they book a trip you’ll earn 200 reward points that can be redeemed for $50 off your next tour or a $50 Amazon gift card. Your friend will also receive a discount off of their trip!  Note:  this is for travelers who have not yet experienced a Pure Adventures trip!

There is no limit to the amount of self guided trip rewards credit you can bank, but there is a limit to how much you can redeem on each future trip. We limit the discount redeemable per trip to $200 for a future ‘booking’. The ‘booking’ is for all people on your trip. So, if you earn more than $500 in referral credit, you will have leftover to apply further on future trips, or exchange for gift cards. Easy, but it takes you to make that outreach with your community to let people know you have resources that can help them have a great experience!


Use this form to submit your referral with their contact information. From this we will keep track of your bank!

Self guided trip rewards are for new travelers, those friends who have not yet been on a Pure Adventures self guided bike tour, self guided hiking tour, or a private guided adventure with us. Our travelers come back over and over and we are so thankful, the next best thing our travelers do is bring their friends!  So, here is our little way of thanking you for bringing more people into the Pure Adventures self guided travel world! Learn more about self guided bike tours and hiking tours