Thailand Hiking Tours

Our new Thailand hiking tour focuses on bringing you the most authentic and immersive experiences, combined with outdoor adventures. Trek through the jungle, visit intricately designed temples, and experience the Akha community with a traditional home stay.  This program to visit this local, native culture is an effort by NGOs to give an economic boost to this forgotten people.  Tourism is a way for this tribe to assimilate and access into the Thai system in order to boost their standard of living all the while preserving their traditions.  Experience this remote and unique culture on this private guided Thailand hiking tour.

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Self guided hike to beautiful and pristine vistas

Custom Designed Travel Experience – Your Trip, Your Way!

For the discerning traveler that desires the highest level of detail and seeks the ultimate vacation experience, look no further. Pure Adventures awaits your every wish and can hand tailor your dream trip, customizing all of the fine details. Self guided travel, guided trips, and semi-supported trip options exist, in a multitude of exciting destinations!
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Remote Thai village in Chiang Mai

Cultural Immersion Guided Hiking Tour of Thailand

Experience first hand, the authentic culture of Northern Thailand on this guided 10 day cultural hiking tour, including visits to several native hill tribes, ancient temples, jungle treks, an immersive cultural stay in the Akha community, and a local-style deep dive into Bangkok.
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