Designed to immerse you deeply in authentic flavors and culture, Trail to Table tours merge elements of multi-sport adventure tours, culinary tours, and food experience excursions. The result is an active, immersive, and delicious new way to make a genuine connection with dream locales across Europe and South America. A great meal can tell the story of a people and culture. The same can be said of travel — active exploration creates an intimate connection to a new corner of the world. Enter the all-new Trail to Table tour collection. A variety of active pursuits get you deep into some of the world’s most iconic landscapes, while a sampling of food and drink experiences keep your mouth watering as you dig into the cultural cornerstones of how and what people eat. Go deeper than a tasting menu itinerary as you meet food producers to learn the “how” and “why” as much as “what” of iconic dishes. Shop with the locals at neighborhood market visits, and explore culinary traditions through hands-on cooking demonstrations and classes. And don't worry — you won’t be left thirsty! Delve into local beverage culture with tours, talks, and tastings at wineries and breweries. More about the collection >