Quick-start guide to organizing group travel

Traveling for free may sound like a gimmick, but when it comes to traveling as a group with your friends or a cycling club, it’s not!

Did you know Pure Adventures offers incentives for groups – beginning with 4 persons?

The larger the group, the better the incentives can be, or the more negotiating power a group could have. Destinations, travel season and properties in high demand also determine if there is any room for negotiation or incentives. It is possible to earn free travel for the tour organizer – and that person could be you!

Let us help you travel for free.

Pure Adventures is pleased to offer cycling clubs and other interest groups our quick-start guide to organizing group travel. With tips on finding potential groups, researching trip ideas and how to be a great group travel leader, our easy to read e-book will help you start planning your next cycling vacation.

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