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Bike Luggage Charges: Worth Keeping Your Bike At Home?


With cycling becoming more popular than ever, enthusiasts increasingly want to take their bicycles abroad for cycling holidays. As a cyclist, it’s worth knowing whether or not taking your own bicycle abroad is worth it. It can also help determine what airline to book with. At Pure Adventures we are so lucky to have bike rental connections all over the ... Read More »

Slovenia towns

3 Towns to Visit in Slovenia Slovenia might not be the biggest country in terms of square mileage, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in magnificent beauty and rich diversity. Snowcapped mountains hover over warm Mediterranean beaches, while lush green forests open onto flowing fields of vibrant wildflowers. And that’s just the landscape! The ... Read More »

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana and It’s Dragon The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is considered the hub, the very heart of the country, and for good reason. Its central location has long been deemed the crossroads of the Slavic world, something that has influenced the fascinating German and Latin cultural makeup of the area. Today Ljubljana remains the country’s cultural, economic, educational, and political ... Read More »

Cycle Slovenia

5 Reasons to Cycle Slovenia Covering a total area that’s a little over half the size of Switzerland, what Slovenia lacks in size it more than makes up for in personality. The climate, landscape and people are refreshingly diverse, with snow-capped mountains belying warm sandy beaches and ancient castles complementing modern marvels. It’s almost hard to imagine feeling a delightful ... Read More »