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Europe Travel Guides & Regional Info Guides

Below is a list of Europe travel guides in PDF documents with more information about each of the places listed.  You can read online or download to your computer or device.

Road Signs in Europe: Wondering what that sign means? Better to know in advance! Europe Road Signs

Austria: Germany-Austria Phrasebook | Danube Cycling Passau-Vienna Route Info | Salzburg-Prague Route Info

Belgium: Belgium Travel Guide | French Phrases | Flanders & Beer Cycling Tour Info

Croatia: Croatia Travel Info | | Croatian Phrasebook | Croatia Coast & Islands Cycling Tour Info

Czech Republic: Czech Republic Travel Guide | Czech Phrases

France: France Travel Guide | Burgundy Travel Guide | French Phrases

Ireland: Ireland Travel Guide

Italy: Italy Travel Guide | Italian Phrases

Portugal: Portugal Travel Guide | Algarve & Alentejo Travel Info | Portuguese Phrases

Slovenia: Slovenia Phrasebook

Spain: Spain Travel Guide | Spanish Phrases

United Kingdom: United Kingdom Travel Guide

These Europe travel guides are short highlights for the destinations showing above. Our travelers on our self guided bike tours and our self guided hiking tours receive up to date travel information via mobile app to be able to call up from their smart phone during their travels. Self guided bike tours and hiking tours are easy to follow routes with time to visit the many interesting places along the way.  The guides supplement with suggestions both well known and less known.  For example, did you know that in Spain there are more Michelin star restaurants than any other country?