We support local businesses in the USA and abroad every step of the way.

Thank you for visiting our site!  As the founder of Pure Adventures, I want to welcome you to ask any question and explore all that we offer.  We are a hands on, service oriented small business, and we value every one of our travelers.  We work hard to provide unique experiences that put you in control of your vacation experience to a large extent, and we have designed our tour offers with our local partners in each destination to be a truly unique experience.  There is nothing ‘mass produced’ or commonplace about our offers!

We look forward to hosting you!

Sincerely – Loren T. Siekman, President/Founder

Pure Adventures® specializes in experiences around outdoor activity; cycling, hiking, multisport, running, and more. We infuse the outdoor experience in amazing destinations with culture, heritage, and tradition. Experiences are enhanced through local food, drink, and people who want to share their culture and traditions with you.  Experiences are amplified through self-led travel or our expert local guides who know all the best of local life and will make sure you take a little bit home with you!

Pure Adventures is a pioneer in self guided travel in Europe; being one of the first companies offering these tours to North Americans going to Europe.  Summary about Pure Adventures in PDF.  Pure Adventures has expanded and grown its offers by focusing on the ‘local experience’ which is at the essence of its “Pure” name. Pure Adventures only uses the expertise of locals for guides, route development, sites to see, people to meet, where to eat, shop and experience life as a local would. The self guided concept is one of our key areas of expertise and is the 2nd Pure element for the client – it puts the traveler in control and in contact with the destination much more than if a professional guide is handling everything.

A Sample Of A Pure Adventures Tour

The Details About Us

2018 – 24 years in the travel industry focusing on bicycle tours, hiking tours, adventures. We support local businesses in the USA and abroad every step of the way. Pure Adventures® was founded by Loren Siekman, who also founded the companies Discover France Adventures, Cycling Classics, and GotoParis beginning in 1994. Our brands have received recognitions and we continue to get high reviews on our tours. Service is at the core of operation and what we know makes traveling with us a great choice.

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How To Choose A Tour?

Self guided is a more ‘pure’ experience and many people who have done guided trips in the past realize they don’t need or want that type of tour. They don’t need to be on a rigid schedule, and prefer to mix with locals on their own time at their own speed. Our customers don’t want the hassle of figuring out all the details, they just want to show up and then go their own speed with the important logistics all handled! This leaves plenty of time to visit local sites, taste local foods, experience local customs, and interact with local habitants! It is simply a more pure experience!

If you want to know more about the self-guided tour concept click here. | Or Read This Blog which appeared in the Huffington Post Also, About.com carries a story we authored that defines Self Guided Bicycle Tours

Contact us in a variety of ways, but know we are always available by phone! Our customer service is VERY important to us; and we want to have you come back again and again! Thanks to all who have traveled with my brands over the years – you are the reason we love what we do!

Pure Adventures is an evolving and growing adventure travel company. We started from nothing in 1994, grew up with the internet and redefined what was Self Guided Cycling, and evolved a more premium offer. We chose to sell the France focused brand in 2012 and since we have expanded substantially beyond Europe and beyond just self guided cycling tours. We aim to have customers for life and so we need to keep on developing new destinations and types of experiences to keep our customers coming back. As we develop new regions of the world, we have to adapt our methods. Supported Self Directed trips were the first adaptation outside of Europe. Going to private guided and partially guided trips follow with some of our new tours in Asia and South America. The EXPERIENCE remains adventure focused with the necessary infusion of local food, drink, culture, tradition and people!  We strive to preserve your independence; create great value, all the while ensuring enjoyment, safety, and experience.


Our story takes a new turn every year, and we start an exciting road on which we are totally committed. We welcome every opportunity to make a great vacation experience for you!

The focus: Experiences Outdoors: bicycle tours, hiking tours, trekking tours, and multi sport tours, sporting events, foodie adventures, and more coming!

The model: all our own – more support, more experiences, value added elements that other companies leave out in order to keep a low price.

Our self guided tours are, on average, less than half the cost of the average premium guided tour program with the same lodging! We consider our self-guided model a ‘premium’ version because we include more than most other self-guided offers: higher quality lodging, orientations, on-trip support, highly detailed route book, high quality equipment, and pre/post travel expertise – we are not more costly but less and that makes it a better value!

Self Guided– A complete package of services that always includes: lodging, some meals, luggage transfer, routes, maps, cue sheets, emergency support. We always include arrival orientations, and a combination of meals. Sometimes we also include airport/train station transfers, tasting experiences, classes, gps navigation, local cell phones, local emergency assistance in English, and other services. Bottom line: we arrange just about everything, you only have to show up and enjoy! We let you travel any date you want, and don’t require minimum travelers, nor do we make you adhere to a travel pace. You travel on your own, but you are never totally alone. Our local representatives support you throughout: providing orientations, moving luggage, and always available by phone in case of emergency. See a comparison of self guided travel.

Guided Travel – Go to new places with the greatest of ease! Some places just require more support and some people prefer the small group experience. We bring a number of guided programs as well to meet these needs. One thing that always makes a difference is the quality of the guide – and we seek the best! Local professionals always, dedicated to their trade and not students on summer break. We include all the necessities so you can focus on the activity and prepare properly ensuring the best tour experience. Many departures are private groups, so you will know all the participants and can enjoy the company of only your friends or family and still interact with the local culture. Add to that the help of your local guide with whom you get a few extras that only locals know about!

Note that some of our guided trips go with as few as 2 persons and so you have almost no chance of cancellation due to lack of participation that you might get elsewhere!

Since 2016 we are no longer posting article links here as they are shared throughout our social media channels. For current release and media info contact us: info@pure-adventures.com

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When you book a tour with Pure Adventures you are supporting local business – multiple small businesses in the destination where you visit, as well as USA and Canada based small business. The vast majority of your trip costs go to the local destination:

– we partner with local experts, from the region, who know the best routes, the best sites, the restaurants, the best of their homeland and we pay them to help us build a trip, design the experiences, meet you for orientation or guide the tour, and be available to help throughout your trip, while you are there. All of our local partners are licensed, pay taxes, have experience – are 100% legit!
– we pay all local hotels, usually independent and family operated
– we pay our local transport companies: to move your luggage, do airport or station transfers, support you if you have a problem during your trip, local bus companies for groups, local van rental agents, and more. Most often these are local independent transportation providers and drivers.
– we pay local guides when hiring guides; always certified, licensed, and professional; with essential local knowledge.
– we pay local wineries, restaurants, or any kind of tasting experience, cooking class, or other local cultural experience we include or offer in supplement.

A small portion of your trip payment stays in the USA to pay employees and our contractors like our small business Toronto based marketing team, or our Philadelphia based web designer, Seattle based SEO consultant, or Rhode Island based forex broker, and so on. We pay local taxes and employ Americans and Canadians. Going local means supporting local small business around the world; not only in your destination. See more about our references and where we give back. An example: Adventure Travel Conservation Fund 

It is our mission to provide exceptional independent adventures that allow our clients to experience their destination in their own unique way.