We support local businesses in the USA and abroad every step of the way.

Thank you for visiting our site! As the founder of Pure Adventures, I want to welcome you to ask any question and explore all that we have to offer. We are a hands on, service oriented small business and we value every one of our travelers. We work hard to provide unique experiences that to a large extent, put you in control of your vacation experience. We have carefully designed every tour with our in-destination, local partners to create a truly unique experience. There is nothing ‘mass produced’ or commonplace about our offers!

We look forward to hosting you!

Sincerely – Loren T. Siekman, President/Founder

Pure Adventures® is the premier boutique biking and hiking tour operator that offers private, custom, independent and guided travel in Europe, Asia, South and North America. Pure Adventures specializes in hand crafted travel for couples, families and groups who want active, immersive and meaningful experiences with their family and friends. Our travel experiences are customized around outdoor activities including: cycling, hiking, water sports, trail running, mountain biking and more.

In this era, savvy, adventurous travelers recognize that an artful balance of independence and support offers a much richer experience. An unscripted, serendipitous journey for less money than a standard 5 star package tour, is exactly what you will find at Pure Adventures.

Pure Adventures and our founder were among a few who pioneered the term self guided adventure travel back in the 90’s, while living and working in Europe. Today, this concept has become much more popular and has also become dominated by budget oriented offers with bare bones services. Pure Adventures is still focused on private, independent and custom travel but in a significantly greater service and support-oriented manner. We strive for higher quality offerings with more inclusions, more experiences and more support. Pure Adventures now offers private guided experiences in an independent way that retains authenticity, adventure and unique, local experiences.

A Sample Of A Pure Adventures Tour

The Details About Us

In 2019, our parent company will celebrate 25 years in the travel industry with nearly all of that time focused on bike tours, hiking tours, and outdoor adventures. We support local businesses in the USA, Canada and abroad and in each destination, we service every booking we manage.  Pure Adventures® was founded by Loren Siekman, who also founded Discover France Adventures, Cycling Classics, and GotoParis, that began in 1994 as a travel agency. Service is at the core of our operation and all that we know, makes traveling with us a great choice. See our reviews and Gold level rating in Tour Radar.

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To learn more about the Pure Adventures model and our version of private, independent self guided travel, see our page: Pure Adventures and our self guided tour model.

Contact us in a variety of ways but know we are always available by phone! Our customer service is VERY important to us and we want to have you come back again and again!

The focus: private, independent, custom adventures and private custom guided group travel.

We are fierce advocates for memorable and immersive vacations that empower, inspire, challenge, and surprise you. Instead of always settling for someone else’s preset itinerary or fixed dates, we work with you to create a more personalized journey.  We have itineraries in so many destinations we have something for most people seeking a great value adventure experience of a high quality.  We can work with you to customize for either independent or guided programs.  We know that upscale, savvy, adventurous travelers are seeking the perfect balance of independence and support to maximize their vacation experience and that is what we deliver.

See how we rate the level of difficulty for a trip, including our comfort ratings and independence ratings.

Guided Travel – Pure Adventures offers private guided tours in Southeast Asia and South America for parties of 2 and up. 

Some places just require more support and some people prefer the small group experience. We bring a number of guided programs as well to meet these needs. Consistent with our ethos is our work with local professionals:  always dedicated to their locale and not students on summer break. Local guides for insight on the hidden gems, language matters, getting in to experiences otherwise not found, caring professional guides. Routes, trails, experiences – the best from local know-how.


When you book a tour with Pure Adventures you are supporting local business – multiple small businesses in the destination where you visit, as well as USA and Canada based small business. The vast majority of your trip costs go to the local destination:

– we partner with local experts, from the region, who know the best routes, the best sites, the restaurants, the best of their homeland and we pay them to help us build a trip, design the experiences, meet you for orientation or guide the tour, and be available to help throughout your trip, while you are there. All of our local partners are licensed, pay taxes, have experience – are 100% legit which means no surprises!
– we pay all local hotels, usually independent and family operated
– we pay our local transport companies: to move your luggage, do airport or station transfers, support you if you have a problem during your trip, local bus companies for groups, local van rental agents, and more. Most often these are local independent transportation providers and drivers.
– we pay local guides when hiring guides; always certified, licensed, and professional; with essential local knowledge.
– we pay local wineries, restaurants, or any kind of tasting experience, cooking class, or other local cultural experience we include or offer in supplement.

A small portion of your trip payment stays in the USA to pay employees and our contractors like our small business Toronto based marketing team, or our Philadelphia based web developers, Seattle based consultants, or Rhode Island based forex broker, and so on. We pay local taxes and employ Americans and Canadians. Going local means supporting local small business around the world; not only in your destination. See more about our references and where we give back. An example: Adventure Travel Conservation Fund 

It is our mission to provide exceptional independent adventures that allow our clients to experience their destination in their own unique way.