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As the founder of Pure Adventures, I want to welcome you to ask any question and explore all that we have to offer. We are a hands-on, service-oriented small business, and we value every one of our travelers. We work hard to provide unique experiences that to a large extent, put you in control of your vacation experience. We have carefully designed every tour with our in-destination, local partners to create a truly unique offering. There is nothing ‘mass produced’ or commonplace about our offers! We know self guided bike tours, hiking tours, and private guided adventures!

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Sincerely – Loren T. Siekman, President/Founder & Mar Naibi, Partner/Aspen Office

Pure Adventures® is a recognized leading tour operator focused on private self-guided and private guided biking, hiking and multi-sport tours. We specialize in travel to Europe, Asia, South and North America. Our tours are hand crafted travel for couples, families and small groups, offering an active, immersive and meaningful experiences with their family and friends. Our travel experiences are customized around outdoor activities including: cycling, hiking, water sports, trail running, mountain biking and more.

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Pure Adventures is implementing new “post Covid” travel guidelines, see our blog with details.


About Loren: “I stumbled into travel after living in France for many years and finding that riding my bike in the countryside was pretty amazing; I didn’t want to leave! My novel idea of bike tours in France wasn’t original but I did find out that the ‘non-guidee’ way often used in Europe, was unknown in North America. I like to think that my brands including Pure Adventures popularized the term self guided for bike tours, hiking tours, and other adventure travel. I even wrote comparisons for early internet publications to explain what it was! Today, this concept has become much more popular and has also become dominated by budget-oriented offers with “bare bones” services. At Pure Adventures, we have stayed focused on private, independent, and customized travel, but in a significantly greater service and support-oriented manner. We strive for higher quality offerings with more inclusions, more experiences and more support. Pure Adventures now offers private guided experiences in an independent way that retains authenticity, adventure and unique, local experiences. As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, we will resume high quality, personalized adventures in a low volume, high service manner; Your Trip, Your Way.”

About Mar: “When I was a little girl, we lived in England for my father’s job. During that time, we traveled Europe extensively and I fell in love with the different cultures, scenery, food, and just the idea of going somewhere new. It’s safe to say that I caught the travel bug very early on! The last 12+ years I have worked exclusively in Travel & Tourism, based out of the small mountain town of Aspen, Colorado. Opening the Aspen office for Pure Adventures made perfect sense so that we could grow our product offerings here in the Roaring Fork Valley and also, it allows us to provide premium customer service to our local customers. I’m beyond excited to share these incredible trips with everyone here; it’s really a natural fit for such outdoorsy and adventurous people. Additionally, I’m so in love with this area that it is a pure pleasure to share my home with folks coming in from out of town to adventure here!”

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The Details About Us

In 2019, our parent company celebrated 25 years in the travel industry with nearly all of that time focused on bike tours, hiking tours, and outdoor adventures. We support local businesses in the USA, Canada and abroad and in each destination, we service every booking we manage.  Pure Adventures® was founded by Loren Siekman, who also founded Discover France Adventures, Cycling Classics, and GotoParis, that began in 1994 as a travel agency. Service is at the core of our operation and all that we know, makes traveling with us a great choice. In 2019, we opened our Aspen, Colorado office, headed up by partner Mar Naibi. To learn more about the Pure Adventures model and our version of private, independent self guided travel, see our page: Pure Adventures and our self guided tour model.