Self Guided Europe Resources

In-Country Travel / Rail Travel

Self guided Europe Resources:

Should you book rail tickets in advance and if so, what is the best deal? Point to point tickets or multi-day passes? Wanting to rent a car? Feel free to ask our advice on these matters. If you are in the USA, you can order directly online from Rail Europe, see link below.

Italia Rail | Book Rail Travel in Europe

Tren Italia – Italian National Railroad | Oui.Sncf – French Railroad | Renfe – Spanish Railroad | German Railroad & Europe

Car Rental:  Book Auto Rental with Auto Europe

Additional Hotel Nights

Want to add hotel nights before or after your tour? Pure Adventures has preferred rates, just contact your tour consultant for a quote!

Get Currency in Advance of Travel

Pure Adventures has partnered with a foreign exchange broker for our customers to be able to buy hard currency in their destination and have it delivered to your home before you leave!  Order your currency here, or ask your consultant for help.

Mobile Phones & GPS

Technology moves so fast with the travel industry, so for those who are tech savvy, we strongly encourage you to use your own device. Numerous apps now allow you to navigate without using cellular data, which is useful while traveling.  We strongly recommend that you add an international plan with your mobile service provider to be available during your travels.

If you use a GPS device or smart phone, you should know how to use it before you come and also, how to use it in airplane mode (cell data off.) Pure Adventures uses Ride With GPS to manage GPX tracks and routes.  We also recommend that you add Whatsapp to your smart phone as a communication tool over Wifi during your travels.

Even if you don’t want to use your smart phone as your primary navigation tool, you will want to plan to use your own mobile phone for calls and other smart phone apps/uses. We strongly recommend that you plan ahead with your cell carrier, to avoid very costly roaming charges for data. Note: public phones have almost completely disappeared in most destinations and you will need access to a phone.

Other Self Guided Europe Resources

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