Pure Adventures is not about volume and mass travel adventures.  We build trips that are always private with custom experiences for you, making our offers ideal for savvy and adventurous travelers seeking the perfect balance of independence and support, in a higher quality vacation experience.


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Self-guided cycling in Spain - Mallorca Hybrid Cycling Tour

Spain – Mallorca Hybrid Cycling Tour

Enjoy Spain's Balearic Islands with this eight-day, self-guided, hybrid bike tour through Mallorca’s best vineyards, unique architecture of the island, across the lush countryside, and with the best local seafood and richest wines.
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Self guided cycling tour through Alberobello with Pure Adventures.

Italy – Puglia 7 Nights Cycling Tour

This cycling tour of Puglia takes you on the best of Italy - a tour that allows you to bike through some of the most beautiful, unique parts of Italy while also getting a feel for the Adriatic. Highlight stops include Conversano, Alberobello and Otranto!
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Self-guided cycling through Spain - Barcelona Bike & Foodie Escape

Spain – Barcelona Foodie Short Bike Tour

This is the shorter version of our Spain- Barcelona Culinary Bike Tour, at 5 days. The gentle rolling countryside will take you from coast line to inland Medieval villages, dotted with sunflower fields and vines, with plenty of seafood and wine to be enjoyed along the way!
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Self guided cycling tour of France's Royal Loire Valley

France – Loire Royal Valley Bike Tour

History buffs and cycling enthusiasts unite on this 6-day cycling tour of France’s most vibrant parts of France’s historical past. A leisurely cycle through medieval and Renaissance-era castles, most level cyclists can enjoy the ride through the rolling hills of historical France
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Galapagos iguanas on a rocky coastline

Ecuador – Guided Galapagos Islands Multisport Tour

Experience the famed volcanic Galapagos Islands of Ecuador with this action packed adventure, perfect for all ages! The islands offer endless opportunities to witness a unique abundance of wildlife in a setting unlike any other on the planet;a once in a life time vacation.
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Cycling in Catalonia with mountains in the distance

Spain – Catalonia Culinary Cycling Tour

One of our highest rated tours! Barcelona and Catalonia are among the premier foodie regions of the world and this bike tour will give you plenty of indulgent foodie experiences along your journey.
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Trail runner on a dramatic misty trail

Trail Running Around the World

Looking to pack an exciting, active vacation into a short timeframe? Trail running might be the answer! In retrospect, it’s surprising trail running took as long to catch on as it did. The sport offers the same basic form of exercise as road running, with the benefit of more natural and tranquil scenery. Many trail...
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Man takes a picture of teenage girls in a tulip field

Where to Travel with Teenagers: Our Recommendations

Traveling with teenagers is an opportunity. It’s a chance to introduce young people to other cultures and experiences while they’re highly receptive, but also physically capable and independent. The adult organizing a tour, though, usually has questions. How will the teenagers’ love of sleeping in fit in with a busy day’s itinerary? Will a visit...
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Walker along Killary Fjord

Walking vs. Hiking: Setting out on Foot in the UK and Ireland

If you’re a bit of an Anglophile, you’re probably prepared for the most common UK terms that cause confusion to the North American speaker – across the pond chips are crisps, an aubergine is an eggplant, and pants are underwear. Many of the differences are small, charming, and create a real sense of place for...
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