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Self Guided bike tours and self guided hiking tours in Italy. Cycling tours in Italy includes the regions of Piedmont, Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, Sicily, Veneto, Dolomites. The Italy hiking tours are at Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Tuscany, and Amalfi Coast. For groups of 4 or more, ask about custom bespoke biking or hiking, guided or self-guided, throughout Italy as alternatives to the posted tours.
Country: Italy
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Italy - Tuscany Cycling Tour Escape

A short bike tour of Tuscany to see some of the highlights at Pienza, Montepulciano, and Montalcino! This tour is the first 4 nights of our longer 7 night Tuscany Wine & History bicycle tour below. For people who like to bike but don't have a full week available to spend cycling in Italy

From €868 | 5 Days | Difficulty: Fit | Self Guided Cycling Hybrid or Road (Level 3)

Tags: self guided bicycle tour tuscany italy

Italy - Tuscany Wine & History Bike Tour

Cycling in Tuscany is one of the best ways to experience this famously romantic countryside. Visit Pienza, Montalcino, Siena, San Gimignano and Voleterra on this moderated riding but exceptionally beautiful bike tour through Italy

From €1189 | 8 Days | Difficulty: Fit | Self Guided Cycling Hybrid or Road (Level 3)

Tags: self guided bicycle tour tuscany italy

Italy - Piedmont Wine Country Cycling Tour

A self guided bike tour of Italy's Piedmont region is a feast for the eyes and the palate! Incredible panoramas while cycling Piedmont mean some hills, but you will forget all about the modest climbs as you gaze over green countryside covered in rows of vines. While riding your bike you will visit old villages, lookout to picturesque views all the way to the high Alpes, and taste some of Italy's most prestigious wines!

From €1246 Euros | 8 Days | Difficulty: Fit | Self guided Level 3

Tags: Piemonte, Piedmont cycling tour, Italy wine tour Piedmont

Italy - Etruscan Treasures Biking Tour

Self guided biking tour of Umbria and Tuscany visits some of the best in wine, cuisine, heritage, and history! This cycling tour of Etruscan heritage includes stops at Trevi, Cortona, Pienza, Siena and more while staying in charming hotels in historical towns and villages. Cycling is one of the best ways to experience this famously romantic countryside and we include some extra local experiences and options for tastings of local product

From €1253 | 8 Days | Difficulty: Challenging | Self Guided Road Cycling: Level 4

Tags: italy bicycle tour self guided, cycling umbria and tuscany

Italy - Matera to Sea Bike Tour

A self guided cycling tour of Basilicata and Puglia starting in Matera, with its old quarters being a UNESCO world heritage site. Along the horizon is an endless parade of hills, covered in an array of patterns designed by the patient work of local men. You only stay in Basilicata for two days before continuing on to easier and flatter riding in the South East Peninsula: the "heel" of the Italian boot. Your rides will include astonishing landscapes including caves, rock settlements, olive trees and stone walls typical of the area

From €899 | 5 Days | Difficulty: Fit | Self Guided Hybrid Cycling Level 3

Tags: italy puglia bicycle tour, cycling in puglia italy, self guided puglia cycling tour

Italy – Dolomites to Lake Garda Cycling Tour

Nice downhill biking from the Dolomites to Lake Garda! Stop to taste Italy’s best wines and champagnes while you ride past rolling vineyards and authentic country villages on this 6-night bike tour

From €1028 | 7 Days | Difficulty: Moderate | Self Guided Hybrid Cycling

Tags: dolomites cycling tour, italy alps bicycling tour, lake garda italy cycle tour

Italy - Cinque Terre Hiking Tour

Italy Self guided hiking tour through the beautiful Cinque Terre National Park, visiting the surrounding picturesque villages including Pisa, Levanto, Vernazza and Portovenere. Experience the uniqueness and architectural beauty of the Abbey of San Fruttuoso set in the heart of the Natural Park of Monte di Portofino. Hike toward the Gulf of La Spezia through the fishing villages of Portovenere and the Palmaria island, discovering the Ligurian wines, fresh fish, cooking and traditional crafts

From €1295 | 7 Days | Difficulty: Fit | Self Guided Hiking Level 3

Tags: hiking italy, cinque terre italy hiking tour, self guided hike tour

Italy - Puglia 7 Nights Cycling Tour

A self guided cycling tour of Puglia offers a fantastic landscape overlooking the Adriatic Sea and many unique architectural and cultural discoveries. Bicycling among vineyards and olive groves where you can enjoy moderate bike rides each day, a mild climate most of the year, and wonderful gastronomic dining experiences!

From €1133 | 8 Days | Difficulty: Fit | Self Guided Hybrid or Road Cycling Level 3

Tags: italy puglia bicycle tour, cycling in puglia italy, self guided puglia cycling tour

Italy - Lake Como Hiking Tour

This self guided hiking tour of Italy in the Dolomites visits the ancient and noble city of Como, the gateway to a natural jewel of Lombardy, Como Lake. All the walks, share scenic landscapes replete with evidence of a long history of settlement. The landscape retains many aspects: the high pastures in the mountains near the Swiss border to the rugged limestone cliffs Group Grigne, the Dolomites of Lake Como, to the forests of beech, fir and birch running along the ridges

From €1125 Euros | 8 Days | Difficulty: Moderate | Self guided hiking level 2

Tags: hiking tours italy, hike lake como italy, self guided hiking tour

Italy – Veneto to Venice Bike Tour

The Veneto region is bike tour of Italy of the beaten path! Charming country villages, rich in history and culture such as Treviso, Castelfranco Veneto and Vittorio Veneto! All this and more will be enjoyed on our Veneto to Venice Bike Tour. Finish with a famous gondola ride in Venice

From €1275 Euros | 8 Days | Difficulty: Fit | Self-Guided hybrid cycling Level 3

Tags: cycling tours italy, venice bicycle tour, self guided bike tour veneto italy
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