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2017 - 23 years in the travel industry focusing on bicycle tours, hiking tours, adventures. We support local businesses in the USA and abroad every step of the way. Pure Adventures® was founded by Loren Siekman, who also founded the companies Discover France Adventures, Cycling Classics, and GotoParis beginning in 1994. Pure Adventures is a pioneer in self guided travel in Europe; being one of the first companies offering these tours to North Americans going to Europe. At "Pure" we have taken our experience on the road to build strong partnerships with local outfitters in all the destinations we offer. Pure now offers guided cycling and hiking tours, challenging cycling programs for advanced riders and is developing more Sports Travel opportunities for bucket list experiences! Pure Adventures and our partners have received numerous recognitions and we continue to get high reviews on our tours. Service is at the core of operation and what we know makes traveling with us a great choice.

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