Greece Hiking and Sailing Tours

Greece hiking tours combined with sailing to just a few of the many islands offers an extraordinary experience that is not available many places.  Greece is perfect for a hiking tour, and the concept of island hopping by sail boat takes it over the top as a means of transport!  Yet, you can stay in more spacious accommodations on the islands where you hike.   Enjoy the best of Greece hiking tours with some sailing between the islands and excellent spacious accommodations nightly!

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Self guided hike to beautiful and pristine vistas

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Self guided hiking tour through the best of Greece's islands gets you away from the crowds and into the true beauty of Greece!

Greece – Hike & Sail Tour

Discover three of the most beautiful and representative Greek islands with breathtaking views on our 9 day self guided Hike & Sail Tour. Get away from the hoards of tourists and explore the most authentic islands! At a leisurely pace, hike through stunning scenery and get a real taste of the Greek culture.
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