Loire Valley Chateaux

Loire Valley Chateaux   Of all the places on Earth to visit for sightseeing and adventure travel, France is perhaps the most popular.  The challenging terrain, breathtaking scenery and the country’s rich history create the perfect environment to meet any traveler’s needs.  And although there are countless trails and tours to choose from, those that...
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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Loire Valley France

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Loire Valley France’s Loire Valley is known for its beautiful landscapes, ancient architecture and historical towns.  In fact, so lovely is the countryside there that it’s sometimes referred to as the Garden of France.  And while you may already know about the picturesque scenery and peaceful atmosphere, there is...
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Cheverny Castle in France’s Loire Valley Region

Cheverny Castle   Located in the charming Loire Valley of France, the Cheverny Castle was built in the beginning of the 17th Century, when it stood as a unique example of the purest Louis XIII classical architecture, a style that was rare in that area during that time. Today it is still marked by this...
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4 great gift ideas for moms who love cycling

Forget breakfast in bed as a Mother’s Day gift you have a mom in your life who loves to ride – chances are she’s out cycling on the roads or trails long before her children are out of bed! With Mother’s Day around the corner, Pure Adventures Self Guided Tours has rounded up the best...
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6 ways to make your European cycling vacation eco-friendly

At Pure Adventures, we are proud to say that we’ve been “green” before it was considered trendy. At our head office, we opt for e-mail over snail-mail, use cloud storage and electronic document sharing to help diminish paper printing and storage. In 1997, we went to an E-brochure only presentation method in 1997 (our detailed website...
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Win a European cycling trip for two from Pure Adventures!

Share your Postcard Moment and you could Win a Cycling Trip for Two! Some of the best travel experiences seem to just happen. They are not planed, not on the itinerary or talked about in the brochure. They happen when we allow ourselves to let go and become immersed in our surroundings. Only then does the...
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Trip timing tips and the benefits of self-guided travel

Europe’s self-guided, active travel leader, Pure Adventures, designs game plans for adventurous cycling vacations throughout Europe and the UK, suggests that one way to get into the heart of a country is to drop into a local festival. In the case of Italy, it might be a culinary feast, or, this summer in Ireland, a...
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Lavender in Provence France

Lavender in Provence       When one envisions Provence, they often picture vineyards, sidewalk cafes and sleepy villages whose residents enjoy a slower of pace of life.  Provence is all of that and more.  Enjoy long, leisurely lunches under the shade of ancient oak trees, quiet walks along cobblestone streets, and visit peaceful villages...
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La Roque Gageac in France’s Southwest Region

La Roque Gageac   Located in the Aquitaine region in the Dordogne department of France, La Roque Gageac offers a magical, picturesque and unforgettable setting that welcomes visitors from across the globe.  Ideally situated directly beside the Dordogne River, one of the most incredible sights to behold in La Roque is the many of the...
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Normandy Art – France

Normandy Art     Pressed between the rolling green hills of the French countryside and the white-capped waves of La Manche is the alluring region of Normandy.  Long history has left the present landscape littered with ancient castles and cathedrals as quaint cobblestone streets provide access to endless restaurants, shops and galleries.  And while the...
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