5 Reasons to Cycle

5 Ways Scottsdale Cycling Is Good For The Soul.

If you just can’t imagine yourself dealing with the frigid temps this winter, let’s face it, you’ve got lots of options to get out of the cold. But do any of those options offer up guaranteed sunshine 300 out of 365 days a year? We thought not. Escaping to the desert may sound a little...
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3 Ways To Make Cycling “Normal” Again

Remember back in the day when you would leave right after breakfast to hang out with friends? Not returning home until the street lights came on – preferred method of travel? Your trusty 2 wheeler of course. Driving was out of the question due to that pesky age limit, but besides that, riding your bike...
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5 Ways To Train For Spain

We’ve been booking cycling trips through Spain for over 20 years offering 10+ tours, and never get tired of clients reporting back on their adventures travelling the trails, sampling the food and wine and simply soaking in the history and charm felt everywhere in the region.   So, the question has been asked, how do...
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5 Ways Cycling Effects Your Mind & Body

We all know cycling can make us feel alive – working up a good sweat, feeling the wind, and exploring new routes. But specifically, how does cycling physically and mentally impact us? We scoured the internet and found the reasons why we feel the way we do when we bike!   Stronger Heart    ...
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5 Cycling Gear Must Haves That Won’t Break The Bank

What do you think of when you think cycling? The obvious comes to mind – freedom,fun,exercise, and adventure. But maybe you’re also thinking “CHA CHING!”. Yes, like anything worth the investment, cycling has some initial costs like a good quality bike (of course). But where can you shave off some $$ without losing quality? We’ve...
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5 Reasons To Add The Burgundy Gastronomy & Wine Bike Tour To Your Bucket List

Burgundy is famous for its warm hospitality and inimitable knack for enjoying life. Rich in tradition, gastronomy, history and excellent wines. Even before Julius Caesar fought his decisive battles with the Gauls, people have been lured to this beautiful land of gently rolling landscapes, sleepy villages, rivers and canals. Burgundy is the old France, a...
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Sedona: 5 wallet-friendly restaurants

  Sedona, Arizona’s four-season red rock playground, is famous for it’s beautiful lush green landscapes, purported to have spiritual properties that nourish your mind and soul. What may not not know is that Sedona is home to an eclectic dining scene, that after a day of cycling or hiking on Sedona’s desert trails, will nourish...
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6 sizzling summer festivals in Sicily

Sicily is a beautiful and very varied land, shaped by the myriad invaders and settlers who have all left their mark. Influenced by so many cultures, Sicilian cuisine is surprisingly lavish, while the people are very warm – just like the sunny island itself. Being an island in the Mediterranean Sea, you can expect summertime...
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5 reasons to cycle Majorca

Spain continues to be one of Pure Adventures’ most popular cycling destinations, with tours offering  flat to rolling countryside, charming villages, vineyards, castles, Roman history, and museums. Majorca (Mallorca in Spanish) is the largest of the Balearic Islands, its 310 mile long coastline a draw for millions of sun worshipers every year. But there’s more to Majorca...
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Cycling Burgundy’s Vineyards of France

Cycling Burgundy’s Vineyards Few places on Earth offer the magnificent scenery, fascinating culture and rich history like the Burgundy region of France.  And with a breathtaking backdrop of lush, green forests, blissful canals and waterways, enchanting chateaux and seemingly endless natural trails, Burgundy also happens to be one of the best places in the world...
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