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Below is a list of PDF documents with more information about each of the places listed.  You can read online or download to your computer or device.

Road Signs in Europe: Wondering what that sign means? Better to know in advance! Europe Road Signs

Austria: Germany-Austria Phrasebook | Danube Cycling Passau-Vienna Route Info | Salzburg-Prague Route Info

Belgium: Belgium Travel Guide | French Phrases | Flanders & Beer Cycling Tour Info

Croatia: Croatia Travel Info | | Croatian Phrasebook | Croatia Coast & Islands Cycling Tour Info

Czech Republic: Czech Republic Travel Guide | Czech Phrases

France: France Travel Guide | Burgundy Travel Guide | French Phrases

Ireland: Ireland Travel Guide

Italy: Italy Travel Guide | Italian Phrases

Portugal: Portugal Travel Guide | Algarve & Alentejo Travel Info | Portuguese Phrases

Slovenia: Slovenia Phrasebook

Spain: Spain Travel Guide | Spanish Phrases

United Kingdom: United Kingdom Travel Guide