Unique Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Whatever your plans for the holiday season, we thought it would be interesting to reflect on the diverse Christmas traditions of the many countries we visit on our tours. Not all are of these celebrations are still widespread in the 21st century, and some of them travel across borders to be observed with minor variations...
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Italy Piedmont Wine Country cycling tour

Advanced Wine Tasting: Regionally Famous Wine Varietals

If you’re new to wine Tasting or need a refresher, click here to read our “Wine Tasting 101” post. Winemaking is woven into the culture of many of the countries we visit with Pure Adventures. If you’re a wine lover on a self-guided tour, you might drop in on favourite vineyard to see how the grapes...
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Bike Luggage Charges: Worth Keeping Your Bike At Home?

With cycling becoming more popular than ever, enthusiasts increasingly want to take their bicycles abroad for cycling holidays. As a cyclist, it’s worth knowing whether or not taking your own bicycle abroad is worth it. It can also help determine what airline to book with. At Pure Adventures we are so lucky to have bike...
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Germany Christmas Markets

Germany’s Best Christmas Markets When one thinks of Germany they often conjure up visions of bar maids and lederhosen.  But this beautiful country has much more to offer than Oktoberfest and sausage.  And while it’s a fascinating place to visit any time of year, a trip there during the Christmas Markets is simply unforgettable.  In...
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Over a Century Old Tradition…Oktoberfest Whether you are in France, Canada, the USA, Australia or Germany, there is always a festival to attend celebrating the long running tradition, Oktoberfest. We are all familiar with the name, but not many know how it first came to existence. This 2 weeklong festival began in 1810. On October...
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5 Reasons to Cycle Germany

Germany’s Many Wonders Everyone knows that some of the best beer and wine in the world comes from the country of Germany. But this amazing country offers so much more than world-class beverages. Ancient castles and formidable structures offer testimony to the country’s rich history while quaint restaurants offer exquisite dining and nightclubs provide the...
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