Training in Spain

Why the Pros Train in Spain – The 3 C’s If you ask any cycling enthusiast where the best place to train is, the overwhelming response is likely to be Spain.  Sure, there are certainly plenty of other places that offer good opportunity to train, yet even with so many other choices, Spain still remains...
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Self-guided cycling through Spain - Barcelona Bike & Foodie Escape

5 Towns to Bike Through in Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia’s Hidden Jems Located in the beautiful northeast section of Spain, with France, Andorra, Aragon, Valencia, and the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea as its borders, the towns of Catalonia are some of the world’s most diverse and beautiful destinations to bike. Perhaps this is due to the area’s rich history, culture, and friendly atmosphere. Or, perhaps...
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Destinations in Catalonia, Spain: Sant Marti d’Empuries

The Walled Village in Catalonia If you’re up for an exciting, historical journey through some of the world’s most beautiful and ancient scenery, the walled village of Sant Marti d’Empuries in Catalonia, Spain is the perfect destination. Nestled close to sparkling golden beaches and fascinating ancient ruins from both the Romans and Greeks who came...
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Wine glasses on top of a wine barrel

Wines of Catalonia – Three Spanish Wine Regions to Try

Catalan Wine Regions Located off the Mediterranean coast of Spain, the beautiful region of Catalonia welcomes visitors with its unique culture and warm hospitality. One of the area’s most noteworthy features is its exquisite food and drink, including the wine that is produced there. In fact there are 9 DO (denominacion de origin) regions and...
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September Newsletter

    Pure Adventures Self-Guided Travel, Your Way!   September 2011 Meandering the Catalonia countryside on a clear, sunny day. What better way to enjoy the perfect Spanish climate? 5 Foods to Try in Spain From glistening beaches to medieval castles, from rugged mountain ranges to peaceful country villages, there is truly a little bit...
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Spain’s Do’s and Don’ts

What To Do and What Not To Do in Spain Every country has its own history, culture and proper etiquette. Traveling to a neighboring country or one halfway around the world requires a little knowledge and insight into that countries way of life. Spain is no different!  Spaniards tend to be very patriotic and proud...
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5 Foods to Try in Spain

Spanish Foods to Satisfy From glistening beaches to medieval castles, from rugged mountain ranges to peaceful country villages, there is truly a little bit of everything for visitors to experience in Spain. Quaint ancient towns inspire a feeling of calm serenity while vibrant flamenco dancers and valiant bullfighters, adorned in the customary rich red and...
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5 Reasons to Cycle Catalonia, Spain

Nothing Beats Cycling Catalonia, Spain Catalonia, with its pristine beaches, warm climate and mountainous views, is arguably one of Spain’s most beautiful places to visit. Add to this its unique Mediterranean culture and delectable cuisine and it’s no surprise that Catalonia has become a premiere tourist destination. But Catalonia isn’t just a place to go...
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New Changes in Spain for 2011

  Spain is continuing to undergo exciting changes to many destinations throughout the country. The government has banned smoking in all closed public spaces; this applies to mostly restaurants and bars, hotel rooms are not included in these restrictions. This isn’t all that has changed in Spain, however.   Barcelona: Antoni Gaudí’s famous and unfinished...
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3 Great Itineraries for 2011

3 Tours No One Wants to Miss European touring is continuing its rise in popularity. Have you joined the band-wagon yet? We can help you. Pure Adventures offers self guided biking and multisport tours throughout Europe including France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, and Hungary. Self-guided is a rising way of...
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