Trail runner on a dramatic misty trail

Trail Running Around the World

Looking to pack an exciting, active vacation into a short timeframe? Trail running might be the answer! In retrospect, it’s surprising trail running took as long to catch on as it did. The sport offers the same basic form of exercise as road running, with the benefit of more natural and tranquil scenery. Many trail...
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Walker along Killary Fjord

Walking vs. Hiking: Setting out on Foot in the UK

If you’re a bit of an Anglophile, you’re probably prepared for the most common UK terms that cause confusion to the North American speaker – across the pond chips are crisps, an aubergine is an eggplant, and pants are underwear. Many of the differences are small, charming, and create a real sense of place for...
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Ireland hiking tour

Pure Adventures Hiking Tips For Adventure Travelers [e-guide]

If you asked anyone here at Pure Adventures how we’ve maintained (and grown) over the past 20+ years, you will probably get three very similar answers – if not the exact same answers. We do it for 1) the love of travel 2) the love of the activities we provide 3) the love of our...
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Italy - Lake Como Hiking Tour

Rise of the Solo Adventure Traveler

Traveling without an entourage is one of the most popular ways to see the world these days. Here are five reasons why you should consider going it alone. One may be the loneliest number, but when it comes to myriad social experiences in today’s society – globetrotting among them – a party of one often...
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Take A Trip, Refer Friends, Earn $$ Towards A FREE TRIP!

Offering great value to our customers is always number one on our priority list. Our referral program has been a huge success because with each person you refer you bank $50 towards your next tour with us! The best part – there is NO LIMIT to how much you can bank. Meaning of course if...
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FUN FACTS: How The Grand Canyon Became The Grand Canyon

Having guided our Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim Hiking Tour for several years now, we feel like we have a pretty intimate relationship with the area. When someone shares their vacation photos or video with you of their trip to the canyon, they look great! But you can’t really understand the actual scale until you experience it...
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Cycling & Hiking Utah Canyon Country

Some of the best ways to bike, hike, or mountain bike in Utah Canyon Country See the rock formations of Bryce Canyon National Park, hike beneath towering red walls of Zion Canyon, and explore the slots of the Grand Staircase-Escalante. Southern Utah is filled with beautiful and unique rock formations, slot canyons, and magical hard-to-reach wilderness corners....
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6 Ways To Avoid Adventure Travel Injury

For many of us, Travel isn’t travel without injecting a little adventure in there as well. Pushing your body and mind to it’s limits, while taking in new surroundings and cultures really is the ultimate experience. Of course to enjoy these adventures, and keep coming back for more, you have to try and keep personal...
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2016 Tech For The Adventure Traveller Who Has Everything.

Being a seasoned adventure traveller, you’ve earned your stripes. You’ve taken the tough trails, weathered the storm – literally, pushed physical limits and have come face to face with new worlds and cultures. There’s no doubt you’ve accumulated great gear to help you along those journeys. But besides your old lucky compass or perfectly worked...
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5 Reasons To Buy Less & Experience More In 2016

With the holidays behind us, and the new year upon us, thoughts go to new year’s resolutions and finding ways to live better, healthier, and happier. How do you see yourself accomplishing your goals in 2016? For you, does living better mean acquiring the latest tech, appliance, or maybe a home reno? Maybe being happier...
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