Lock In Savings through 2016, Now!

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The Euro remains at historic lows here at the end of 2015 and Pure Adventures wants to give our travelers a chance to lock those savings in place now, for any travel throughout 2016 in the Euro currency zone.   The Euro is currently valued at about $1.10US in mid December.   If a trip costs 1500 euros, that is currently $1650US.   If the Euro increases in value to 1.25 later in 2016, that same trip becomes $1875US.  Per person!

Pure Adventures is offering to lock in the exchange rate on January 15, 2016 for any booking made between December 16 and January 14.  If you are 2 persons, you would save $450US on your trip!  That covers the cost of some wine and some nice meals; kinda like its FREE!

What if you don’t know your exact travel dates yet or your exact tour or destination?
– No problem.   As long as you book, and pay a deposit of $400/person with the intention of traveling to the euro currency zone before December 31, 2016, you can take advantage.  (see terms below)

I’m a repeat traveler, can I take advantage of my usual discount?
– Absolutely!  This lock in offer does not effect eligibility on any other earned discount or offer we make.  Keep in mind that those discounts change as time goes by.  See Ways to Save.

Why is Pure Adventures doing this? 
– several reasons!  1.  give our customers savings – which costs us nothing and cost you nothing!  2. shore up bookings early in the season to help us plan our high season workload,  3.  give our travelers a reason to come back to Europe again in 2016!

So, what to do?

1.  Make a decision to go to Europe before January 13, 2016.

2. Book a tour on our site before January 14, 2016.

3. Pay your deposit with your booking.

4.  Pay the balance of your tour in full before April 15, 2016. *


*This is the caveat.  Pure Adventures is going to purchase current contracts to lock rates for 90 days.  The funds lock is non-cancellable by Pure Adventures with our broker.  We will purchase currency based on the commitment of our travelers before January 15.  We will pay in full for that contract before April 15.   Therefore, we will require final payment before April 15 or 60 days prior to travel – whichever is earlier.  So, if you travel in October, you will be paying in full for your trip earlier than you normally would.  All Terms and Conditions apply still as they would in any tour booking and if you need to cancel you are protected in the usual ways according to terms.  We strongly recommend travel insurance for any tour booking which also covers you in most cases for cancellation

For any questions, contact us, we’ll be happy to help!