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How To Stay Hydrated While Cycling

It should come as no surprise that you need to keep yourself topped up with water to perform optimally, as our bodies alone are made of approximately 60% water. Whether you’re training, jogging, hiking or cycling, keeping hydrated is extremely important. If you don’t keep yourself hydrated, you’ll be compromising your performance as your muscles,...
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6 Ways To Avoid Adventure Travel Injury

For many of us, Travel isn’t travel without injecting a little adventure in there as well. Pushing your body and mind to it’s limits, while taking in new surroundings and cultures really is the ultimate experience. Of course to enjoy these adventures, and keep coming back for more, you have to try and keep personal...
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5 must-haves for your cycling trip to Spain

  You know Spain will be a top travel destination when even Conde Nast’s Wendy Perrin adds it to her list of 2014 travel trends. Perrin lists Spain (along with Germany and Ireland) among the most affordable European countries to fly to in 2014. If you’ve been thinking of booking a self-guided cycling tour to Spain,...
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The best jersey for self-guided cycling holidays

JerseyOrderForm2013 In June, Pure Adventures asked our Facebook fans to help us design our new short sleeved cycling jersey. We are happy to announce that our new jerseys are now in stock. Pure Adventures cycling jerseys are comfortable, moisture-wicking and stylish, and naturally the best thing to wear on a self-guiding cycling holiday in Europe!...
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4 new heart rate monitors to fall in love with

Today is Valentine’s Day and the world is in love with everything heart-shaped! No doubt those heart-shaped chocolates are motivating you to get on your bike for a spin later today! But how often do you listen to your own heart – and we mean literally listen to your heart via heart rate training? If...
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Be happier, healthier and hipper in 2013

Be a happier, healthier and – dare we say – better looking cyclist by making these six New Year’s Resolutions. Resolve to be Happier Eliminate electronics. If you’re training for a Pure Adventures tour, an epic mountain bike race, or your first century ride, chances are you have a training plan you’re trying to stick...
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Best high-end gifts for cyclists

What does the guy who is bike-obsessed want for Christmas? Here, Loren Siekman of Pure Adventures Self Guided Travel shares the high-end cycling gifts he would like for Christmas. Loren Siekman has one of the best jobs in the world. As founder, General Manager and Chief Adventurer with Pure Adventures Self Guided Travel, he handles...
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