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Self-guided walking tour in Ireland - Hiking The Western Way

In the Footsteps of Saint Patrick

In the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, it can be hard to find a pub that doesn’t have a shamrock or two hanging in the window. Outside of Ireland, though, there’s a good chance St. Paddy’s revellers won’t know much about the figure they’re toasting. March 17 has evolved into a celebration of...
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Self guided cycling tour through Alberobello with Pure Adventures.

Exploring Puglia: Cultural and Historical Attractions

Puglia, also known as Apulia, forms the heel of Italy’s famous boot shape. That gives the region some distinct advantages — the longest coastline of any part of Italy’s mainland, for instance, and a Mediterranean climate especially conducive to growing olives. With around million 60 olive trees, Puglia produces 40% of Italy’s olive oil. On...
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Granada, Alhambra, Hiking the Alpujarra region of Spain with Pure Adventures tours

Must-Sees in Andalusia: The Alhambra

Granada is an enchanting place to kick of a tour of Andalusia. With its beautiful winding streets and whitewashed homes built along the slopes of of the Sierra Nevada foothills, it boasts a vibrant contemporary culture to match its historical grandeur. The legacy of the Muslim emirs who ruled the Iberian Peninsula centuries ago is...
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Unique Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Whatever your plans for the holiday season, we thought it would be interesting to reflect on the diverse Christmas traditions of the many countries we visit on our tours. Not all are of these celebrations are still widespread in the 21st century, and some of them travel across borders to be observed with minor variations...
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Croatia active foodie tour with Pure Adventures

How to Order in Dalmatia: Understanding Croatian Tapas

Croatian cuisine shares many flavours with its Mediterranean neighbours Greece and Italy, and adds a few regional twists all its own. One aspect that often takes the uninitiated by surprise is the lively tapas culture that has evolved in towns like Split. Especially when you’re just passing through, this focus on on light meals and...
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Italy Piedmont Wine Country cycling tour

Advanced Wine Tasting: Regionally Famous Wine Varietals

If you’re new to wine Tasting or need a refresher, click here to read our “Wine Tasting 101” post. Winemaking is woven into the culture of many of the countries we visit with Pure Adventures. If you’re a wine lover on a self-guided tour, you might drop in on favourite vineyard to see how the grapes...
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Burgundy, France self-guided bike, wine and gastronomy tour

Wine 101: How to Get the Most out of Your Next Tasting

Wine is an important part of the culture of many of our destinations: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Chile and Argentina all offer vineyards of international distinction. If you’re tempted to stop off on your next custom tour but don’t know where to begin, take heart! You don’t have to be a trained sommelier to thoroughly...
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Tour group relaxing in a pool

The Benefits of Private Custom Group Travel

People contemplating a vacation are often pulled in two contradictory directions, caught between the desire for downtime to rest and recharge and the allure of active, potentially new experiences. We might be a tad biased, but at Pure Adventurers we’re big believers in the benefits of private custom group travel. A tight group of family...
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Looking For The Perfect Honeymoon Getaway? Take A Private Adventure.

Just because the bulk of traditional honeymoons involve lounging on the beach and frolicking in the water doesn’t mean yours has to. Whether your #couplegoals are to craft a getaway unique, take in a hefty dose of adventure, or just go off the grid and make memories, here’s why taking a Pure Adventures private adventure...
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Self-guided cycling tour in France: Burgundy Express 5 Night Bike Tour

7 Things that Pair Well with Burgundy Wines

1. Cheese This is the obvious choice, and one that likely immediately comes to mind. Burgundy is a wonderland for those who like rich and vibrant flavors, and this holds true for cheese as well. A proper pairing of Burgundian wine and cheese brings out notes and characteristics of each that would be hard to...
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