Czech Multisport Tour

Vienna to Prague Greenways Multisport

The Greenways is a designated corridor of 100-year-old hiking trails stretching for 250 miles from Vienna to Prague along the Dyje River in Southern Moravia and the Vltava River Valley in Southern and Central Bohemia. It connects beautiful countryside with cultural monuments, historic towns and villages with restored castles and churches. Since much of the Czech Greenways stretches along the former Iron Curtain, where there was limited access and no development for 45 years, the countryside remained untouched and the environment clean making it the perfect destination for a multisport tour.

Begin this one-of-a-kind tour in Valtice with a short hike up the hill to the Reisten Colonnade, if you arrive early enough. Cycle most of the days visiting sites including Mikulov chateau, Jewish painter Frantisek Moritz Nagl’s memorial, and the oldest working Baroque theater in Europe. Save some energy to hike in the unspoiled beauty of Podyji National Park. You will also have the opportunity to canoe down the Vltava River.

Pure Adventure’s Vienna to Prague Multisport Tour combines cycling, hiking and canoeing in one trip! It is a great way to mix up your activities and get a different perspective by foot and on the water of the Czech landscape.