4 Ways To Immediately Fix Hand Pain When Cycling.

It comes with the territory that we will all experience some aches and pains from cycling, but aches and pains can become repetitive injury when not dealt with properly. There’s lots of areas to cover, but this blog will talk about the hands and how you can keep hand pain at bay.

Suffer from numbness, pain or tingling in your hands and fingers when riding? Here’s what’s hurting you and how to stop it in it’s tracks!

1) Watch Your Weight

You may need to adjust your ride position. Be conscious of how your leaning when riding and where you are putting your weight when hitting a turn. This alone may be enough to take pressure off your hands, easing pain.

2) Creating A Buzz

Transmission of road ‘buzz’ and vibration through the bars can cause discomfort in the hands all the way to the shoulders. To accommodate for this buzzing through your hands and arms, periodically loosen your grip slightly – this will break up the sensation and ease discomfort.

3) Shorten Your Reach

More often than not, the solution to hand pain is to shorten your reach, that way more of your weight will be borne by the saddle.

4) Good Padding

Hand pain can also be lessened by wearing gloves with gel padding over the ulnar area, plus there are many good padded bar tapes available. Increase the padding and create comfy cushion between you and your bike!

Reference: BikeRadar.com