5 Things Your Inner Traveler Is Trying to Tell You…LISTEN UP!

So here it is, I’m going to tell you a secret, and it’s a doozy – you ready? You have an inner traveler. That’s right, they are in there just aching to bust out. Depending on who I’m talking to this may or may not come as a surprise. In fact some people reading may travel all the time, letting that inner traveler loose every few months. But maybe you don’t, in fact maybe you’ve never taken the time to entertain the idea of letting that feisty little adventurer out once in a while.

…ignore that inner traveller for too long, they will start showing themselves in odd ways

After all, there’s always that voice telling you things like “who can afford to travel these days?” “I can’t take time off work” or “Who will look after my pets?” It’s extremely easy to talk ourselves out of any situation. But here’s the thing, when we really want something we always tend to find a way to make it happen, don’t we?

In fact, if you’re not careful and you ignore that inner traveller for too long, they will start showing themselves in odd ways. One day you may catch yourself showing up to work in full on cycling gear because you’ve always wanted to tour the vineyards of Italy, but just never let it happen. Or you find yourself breaking out a gourmet meal at the office because you’ve always yearned for an amazing dining experience at a hidden gem somewhere in Croatia. Deny your inner traveler long enough – they’ll show themselves wether you like it or not.

So, to help you avoid any awkward inner traveler appearances we’ve come up with these 5 Things Your Inner Traveler Is Trying to Tell You. Your job – listen up!

1) Buy Less & Experience More.

Let’s say for a second, being the best version of yourself meant less things and more experiences. It could be as simple as foregoing the purchase of that new tablet, for a weekend family excursion, or deciding to hold off on a small reno to discover a new culture abroad. Whatever “experience” means to you, making personal growth a priority and creating memories, is never a negative. (read full blog!)

2) Travel Will Help You Find Yourself

Everyone has a need to find themselves, and getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to do this. (read full blog!)

3) Travel Will Strengthen Relationships

Lives get in the way and we all get busy. There is no better way we can think of to reconnect with loved ones then leaving your daily routine behind, and immersing yourself in a new culture & experiences. (read full blog!)

4) You’ll Sample The Best Food & Wine Anywhere In the World

Destinations like Hungary, France, Chile, Italy & Croatia have some of the very best food and local wine anywhere in the world. Denying yourself these pleasures just wouldn’t be right! (See all tours!)

5) Your Body & Mind Will Thank You

Whichever travel experience you choose, try to work up a good sweat. Combine that with beautiful views and some quiet time – your mind and body will be re-charged and ready to perform at their peak potential on your return home. (read full blog!)